Some racers win two main events

It’s no secret that racers like to race and they saw plenty of action Wednesday in non-points action at River City Speedway in St. JOHN BREWINGTON - Jared Haynes takes the lead in the first Street Stock Division main event last Wednesday at River City Speedway. The Columbia County Racing Association held their annual special race to benefit the Columbia County Fair. There was a fair turnout of racers and spectators for the event.

The quarter-mile facility is located at the Columbia County Fairgrounds and the Columbia County Racing Association puts on an annual race as a benefit. Attendance is free with fair admission.

The racers get a chance to run in a few races, and some even give friends and family a chance to get behind the wheel.

Still the racing was typically fierce. Instead of heat races, the racers went right to main events, holding two in each class. Some drivers were in both main events.

In the Street Stock division Jared Haynes won the first main, while Taylor Deschamps took the second main. Aaron Snook was second in one and Cody Smith second in the other. Haynes finished eighth the second time out. Deschamps was seventh in the first race.

In the Sportsman Division, Lisa Liner won the first main, while Bud Russell took the second. Liner was seventh in the second race. Clyde White was second in both.

The Modified Division saw Clark Tenney cruise to wins in both main events. Clint Petty was second in the first race and Dan Smith second in the last race.

In the 4-Cylinder Division, John Oyler came out on top in the 16-car first main event, and then turned around and won the second as well. Derik Beehler was second in the second race and James Walker second in the first race.

There was also a Women’s 4-Cylinder Division with two main events. Erica Asher won the first with Lisa Oyler second. Kim Oyler and Lisa Oyler were one-two in the second event, with Asher back in third.

In the Women’s Division race Morgan Tenney took both main events. Angie Etheredge was second in the first race and Victoria West second in last race.

In the Tracer Division, held for youngsters under 18, points leader Jonathan West won the first main event. Bryce Tenney took victory in the second race.

The Dwarf Car Division saw Richard Petty win the first race and Doug McVae take the second. Glenn Hester was second in one and Jeremiah Hester second in the other.

Drivers get back on their regular schedule this Saturday with a full slate of racing.

Race results:

Street Stock Division

1st Main–1. Jared Haynes 2. Aaron Snook 3. Joel Beehler 4. Ron Dodge 5. Chris Lindsay 6. Curtis Zelmer 7. Taylor Deschamps 8. Cody Smith 9. Robin Massey.

2nd Main–1. Taylor Deschamps 2. Cody Smith 3. Curtis Zelmer 4. Ron Dodge 5. Joel Beehler 6. Aaron Snook 7. Chris Lindsay 8. Jared Haynes 9. Robin Massey.

Sportsman Division

1st Main–1. Lisa Liner 2. Clyde White 3. Jake VanOrtwick 4. Kristi Somers 5. Stephen Kaptur 6. Guy Tow 7. Bud Russell 8. Kasey Munger 9. Ray Elwess.

2nd Main–1. Bud Russell 2. Clyde White 3. Jake VanOrtwick 4. Kristi Somers 5. Stephen Kaptur 6. Guy Tow 7. Lisa Liner 8. Ray Elwess

Modified Division

1st Main–1. Clark Tenney 2. Clint Petty 3. Dan Smith 4. Mike Graham 5. Curt Zelmer

2nd Main– 1. Clark Tenney 2. Dan Smith 3. Curt Zelmer 4. Mike Graham

4-Cylinder Division

1st Main–1. John Oyler 2. James Walker 3. Kim Oyler 4. Nolan Borders 5. Pat Ryan 6. Lisa Oyler 7. Derik Beehler 8. Erica Asher 9. Jerry Winchester 10. Gabe Fralia 11. Mystery Driver 12. Russ Krein 13. Trever Cooley 14. Crystal Flath 15. Rich Gooding 16. Jeremy Carlstrom

2nd Main–1. John Oyler 2. Derik Beehler 3. Pat Ryan 4. Danny Asher . Trever Cooley 6.Kim Oyler 7. Lisa Oyler 8. Gabe Fralia 9. Jeremy Carlstrom 10. Crystal Flath

Women’s 4-Cylinder Division

1st Main–1. Erica Asher 2. Lisa Oyler 3. Shelby FitzGerald 4. Kim Oyler 5. Tracy Silbernagel 6. Karen Oyler 7. Crystal Flath 8. Caroline Duncan 9. Michelle Garland.

2nd Main–1. Kim Oyler 2. Lisa Oyler 3. Erica Asher 4. Mystery Driver 5. Caroline Duncan 6. Shelby FitzGerald 7. Michelle Garland 8. Crystal Flath

Women’s Division

1st Main–1. Morgan Tenney 2. Angie Etheredge 3. Victoria West 4. Lindsay Paulson 5. Jessica Sanders.

2nd Main–1. Morgan Tenney 2. Victoria West 3. Angie Etheredge 4. Jessica Sanders 5. Lindsay Paulson.

Student’s Tracer Division

1st Main–1. Jonathan West 2. Trevor Williams 3. Olivia McDaniel 4. Kylee Dorie 5. Kahley Williams 6. Bryce Tenney.

2nd Main–1. Bryce Tenney 2. Olivia McDaniel 3. Jonathan West 4. Wyatt Kaptur 5. Kahley Williams 6. Trevor Williams.

Dwarf Car Division

1st Main–1. Richard Petty 2. Glenn Hester 3. Kevin Benson 4. Kory Knutson 5. Eric Dehning 6. Jermiah Hester 7. Cory McCleary 8. Neal Hopwood 9. Doug McVae

2nd Main–1. Doug McVae 2. Jeremiah Hester 3. Glenn Hester 4. Kevin Benson 5. Kory Knutson 6. Richard Petty 7. Eric Dehning 8. Cory McCleary 9. Neal Hopwood.

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