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Racers turn out for hot night at River City Speedway


Some racers gain ground in points standings, other lengthen lead

by: LAURIED BROWNLOW - Modified Division points leader Don Jenner gets a little too close to rival Clint Petty during racing Saturday night at River City Speedway outside St. Helens. Despite temperatures soaring into triple digits Saturday, racers completed a full slate of events at River City Speedway.

Some points leaders solidified their leads, while some other drivers managed to move up or close the gap with the leaders.

Bud Russell stayed atop the Sportsman Division with a trophy dash win, and a second in a heat. Second-place Dan Smith had the fast time and a heat fourth. Aaron Elwess moved up with a main event win, followed by Chris West and Brad Beehler. Russell had a 43-point lead over Smith going into the week, and was 66 points ahead of the Clyde White/Clark Tenney team.

In the Street Stock Division, Justin McMullen didn’t score that many points. He had fast time, and managed to stay just ahead of second-place Jeremy Wetherbee in both a heat and the main event. Third-place Steffen Strawn gained some ground by winning the main event. McMullen led Wetherbee by only 10 points going into the night.

The Modified Division saw Clint Petty and Clark Tenney gain some points over leader Don Jenner and second-place Robert Jenner. Petty, third going in, won the main event and was second in a heat. Tenney had fast time of the day and was second in the main event. Dan Smith won the trophy dash and won a heat.

Joel Beehler solidified his lead in the 4-Cylinder Division. He had fast time, won his heat, and won the main event.

Ryan Martinez is in control of the Dwarf Division. He had fast time, won his heat and also the main event. Martinez had a 79-point lead going in and is now approaching a 100-point margin.

Morgan Tenney continues to dominate the Women’s Division. She took first in every event on the night—fast time, trophy dash, heat, and main event. She led Susan Nelson by 17 points going in, but has increased her lead.

Greg Lane also moved up a bit in the standings in the Pacific Mini Sprint Division. He had fast time, won the trophy dash, heat, and main event. He was just sixth going in but should move up a notch or two.

In the Tracer Division for young racers, Bryce Tenney had fast time and won the trophy dash. That wouldn’t be enough for him to close the distance with leader Jonathan West. West won the heat race and the main event.

The racers will have this weekend off and will be back at the track on Aug. 18. They have another race Aug. 25 and a two-day race over Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 1-2. The track championship race is slated for Sept. 15.

River City Speedway

Race Results

Sportsman Division

Fast time: Dan Smith, 15:401. Trophy Dash: Bud Russell. 1st Heat: 1. Kristi Somers; 2. Clyde White; 3. Steve Kaptur; 4. Travis Williams; 5. Jake VanOrtwick; 6. Brad Beehler. 2nd Heat: 1. Eric Lindquist; 2. Bud Russell; 3. Aaron Elwess; 4. Dan Smith; 5. Devon Reed; 6. Chris West.

Main: 1. Aaron Elwess; 2. Chris West; 3. Brad Beehler; 4. Jake VanOrtwick; 5. Larry Wetzel; 6. Steve Kaptur; 7. Kristi Somers; 8. Clyde White; 9. Devon Reed; 10. Bud Russell.

Street Stock Results

Fast time: Justin McMullen, 15:996. Trophy Dash: Rick Rehanek. 1st Heat: 1. Cody Smith; 2. Mike Crase; 3. Curtis Zelmer; 4. Aaron Snook; 5. Jared Haynes. 2nd Heat: 1. John Haagenson; 2. Rick Rehanek; 3. Gerardo Maya; 4. Justin McMullen; 5. Jeremey Wetherbee; 6. Cody Smith.

Main: 1. Steffen Strawn; 2. Cody Smith; 3. Mike Crase; 4. Curtis Zelmer; 5. Gerardo Maya; 6. Justin McMullen; 7. Jeremey Wetherbee; 8. Rick Rehanek; 9. Jared Haynes; 10. John Haagenson; 11. Cody Smith; 12. Aaron Snook.

Modified Division

Fast time: Clark Tenney, 15:288. Trophy Dash: Dan Smith. 1st Heat: 1. Curtis Zelmer; 2. Aaron Chappell; 3. Matt Taylor; 4. Walt Prather; 5. Robert Jenner. 2nd Heat: 1. Dan Smith; 2. Clint Petty; 3. Don Jenner; 4. Clark Tenney; 5. Matt Jenner.

Main: 1. Clint Petty; 2. Clark Tenney; 3. Matt Jenner; 4. Don Jenner; 5. Dan Smith; 6. Aaron Chappell; 7. Curtis Zelmer; 8. Matt Taylor.

4-Cylinder Division

Fast time: Joel Beehler, 16:725. Trophy Dash: James Walker. 1st Heat: 1. Kim Oyler; 2. Gary Brogan; 3. Jeremy Carston; 4. Terry Ryan; 5. Crystal Flath; 6. Erica Asher. 2nd Heat: 1. Joel Beehler; 2. Derik Beehler; 3. Kyle Frelich; 4. James Walker; 5. Jerry Winchester.

Main: 1. Joel Beehler; 2. Gary Brogan; 3. Derik Beehler; 4. Kim Oyler; 5. Erica Asher; 6. Jerry Winchester; 7. Jeremy Carston; 8. James Walker; 9. Crystal Flath; 10. Kyle Frelich; 11. Terry Ryan.

Women’s Division

Fast time: Morgan Tenney, 16:162. Trophy Dash: Morgan Tenney. Heat: 1. Morgan Tenney; 2. Susan Nelson; 3. Angie Etheredge; 4. Cori Rocks.

Main: 1. Morgan Tenney; 2. Angie Etheredge; 3. Susan Nelson; 4. Cori Rocks.

Dwarf Car Division

Fast time: Ryan Martinez, 14:874. Trophy Dash: Doug McVae. 1st Heat: 1. Clay Goben; 2. Kyle Thompson; 3. Steve McCleary; 4. Neal Hopwood; 5. Cory McCleary

6. Lucas Eaton. 2nd Heat: 1. Ryan Martinez; 2. Doug McVae; 3. Joe Eaton; 4. Nik Larson; 5. Kevin Hicks; 6. Brian Hicks; 7. Brad Hicks. Main: 1. Ryan Martinez; 2. Clay Goben; 3. Brian Hicks; 4. Joe Eaton; 5. Kyle Thompson; 6. Lucas Eaton; 7. Steve McCleary; 8. Nik Larson; 9. Brad Hicks; 10. Neal Hopwood; 11. Cory McCleary; 12. Kevin Hicks.

Pacific Mini-Sprint Division

Fast time: Greg Lane, 13:505. Trophy Dash: Greg Lane. Heat: 1. Greg Lane; 2. Mike Opoka; 3. Dan Beck; 4. Vinny Villaggiante; 5. Brad Nusom; 6. Keith Everson; 7. Eric Dehning.

Main: 1. Greg Lane; 2. Brad Nusom; 3. Dan Beck; 4. Mike Opoka; 6. Vinny Villaggiante; 7. Eric Dehning.

Tracer Division

Fast time: Bryce Tenney, 16:859. Trophy Dash: Bryce Tenney. Heat: 1. Jonathan West; 2. Baleigh O’Connor; 3. Bryce Tenney.

Main: 1. Jonathan West; 2. Baleigh O’Connor; 3. Bryce Tenney.