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We enjoyed the chance last week to get Ariel Viera a little regional television coverage, and KOIN TV did what we thought was a really good job. Ariel scored her 100th career goal with four goals against Tillamook on Wednesday.

KOIN is partnered with the Pamplin Media Group, a deal that just started a couple of weeks ago. The South County Spotlight is a member of the group. We call KOIN when we have a story we think they might be interested in.

When I figured out last Monday that Ariel might hit her 100th goal on Wednesday against Tillamook, I contacted the folks at the television station and they were quite SELF-PORTRAIT - Sports Editor John Brewington

Scappoose Coach Chris Dorough said the plan was to let Ariel try and get her 100th goal at home. They are on the road for their next two games. Apparently, they also advised the Tillamook coach, who didn’t really have a problem. I thought that was pretty good sportsmanship.

Ole Olson, a KOIN Local 6 news photographer, stuck around for much of the match and Ariel did not disappoint.

She could have added a little more drama, but instead scored her first goal just seconds into the match. Some 22 seconds later she scored again. Scappoose had another player score, then Viera made her 99th career goal.

The 100th goal came nine minutes into the match, and Ariel was pulled from the game. She later came back in as a defender, a position she actually plays on her FC Portland team, and one she is expected to play for the University of Portland next year.

Sometime during the game, Ariel was interviewed and impressed with her trademark big smile, and by making a 100 sign with both hands. It was cute and even Dan Christopherson, the sports anchor mentioned it. Ariel’s parents, Dave and Josie also had short interviews. Ariel was named Player of the Week by KOIN.

It took awhile before anyone could figure out what the actual record was. Steve Walker, the Oregon School Activities Association Sports Information Direction, said he knew that Anna-Marie Popma had scored her 100th goal in the 6A championship game for Tualatin last year. A little bit later it came out that Laura Schott had scored 116 for Hillsboro back in the 1990s. That seemed to be the record and something Ariel might have a shot at this season with five games remaining.

Later Walker was advised that Tiffeny Milbrett, one of the United States’ premier players just a few years ago, had scored 131 in her high school career at Hillsboro.

That seems to be the mark, and probably out of reach for Ariel.

Still, whether she finishes second or third in the record books it's been quite a career.

Ariel isn't really chatty like some high school girls, and as her dad pointed out is really a pretty humble person. That makes what she did all the more impressive. A lot of heart and talent, without the big ego is a little rare these days.

I set up my DVR at home to tape every KOIN news segment. It happened on the same day as the Vice Presidential debates so show times were skewed. The story ran several times with more or less added each segment. It was all good, and Ariel came off very well.

She said it was awesome to get that many goals, but would give it up to win a team state championship. She's looking forward to playing at soccer-power UP, and has a long-range goal to make the Olympics. As hard-working as she is, she could just do it, too.

I got Tim Becker at KOIN when I called the station to see what times the segment might air and had a nice talk. He was a young guy in Southern Oregon at KDRV years ago, when I was down there. Matt Zaffino, Ed Teachout, Cam Johnson, and a few others now up north were also starting their careers down there. We chatted for awhile about the old days when I would find myself on the other end of a camera.

I have to say that I was a little skeptical of the “partnership” when it was first mentioned. I tend to scoff at TV news as often shallow and only crime-oriented. I may have changed my mind a bit. The story about Ariel was well done. We also had another story KOIN picked up at the same time.

There probably won't be another story about record setting for some time, but you never know. With the outcome of this one, I wouldn't hesitate to call them again. That's probably something company management is glad to hear.

And congratulations Ariel, job well done.

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