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St. Helens takes team first, second; young Scappoose teams show promise

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - St. Helens' Patience Marshall competes the butterfly leg of the 200 medley relay at Friday's River City Invitational. The St. Helens girls won the event going away and finished second in the meet. The boys took first overall.The St. Helens High swim teams displayed a lot of power and depth at Scappoose’s River City Invitational swim meet Friday at the Eisenschmidt Pool in St. Helens.

St. Helens boys won the seven-team event, while the Lady Lions finished a tight second to powerful Valley Catholic.

St. Helens Coach Bill Rash said he has 40 swimmers out this year and for the second straight year more boys than girls (23-17). It’s usually more girls than boys.

Some of his top girls include Brook Hopkins, Jackie Prevish, Johanna Parkhurst, Patience Marshall, Emily Spears, and Tori Edwards. Marshall returns to the team as a junior. She spent the last two yeasr in Idaho.

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - St. Helens' Jackie Prevish competes on the breaststroke leg of the 200 medley relay. The St. Helens girls blew out the seven-team field in the event. Prevish also had a second in the individual 100 breast.For the boys, Jacob Zartman, Devon Brady, Jared Houghtelling, and Jonathan Prevish (Jackie’s twin) could also have a good year.

Top efforts for the girls at the meet included: a first in the 200 medley relay (Hopkins, Prevish, Marshall, and Spears) by a stunning 13 seconds over the next closest team; a second by Hopkins in the 200 IM and a third in the 100 back; seconds by Marshall in the 100 fly and 500 free; two thirds by Spears (200 and 100 free); seconds by Prevish in the 50 free and 100 breast; and a third in the 200 free relay (Hopkins, Parkhurst, Ashley Stewart, and Edwards).

The girls tallied 300 points in the meet, just six behind Valley Catholic.

The boys appear to be just as impressive, if not more so than the girls. They won the meet with 341 points, 29 points more than second place Rainier.

The boys were second in the 200 medley relay—Cameron Lein, Zartman, Prevish, and Devon Brady. They were also second in the 400 free relay with Lien, Houghtelling, Prevish, and Brady.

Houghtelling was second in the 200 free, Prevish won the 200 IM, and Brady was first in the 50 free. Prevish had a third in the 100 fly, Brady was second in the 100 free, Houghtelling second in the 500 free, and Lein second in the backstroke. Zartman won the 100 breast for the Lions.by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Mick Vanek competes on the breast leg of the 200 medley relay during Friday's River City Invitational in St. Helens.

While the 5A Lions fared well against mostly 4A and 3A teams at the meet, it’s going to be a tougher road in the powerful Northwest Oregon Conference, Rash said.

“We should finish high to the middle of the pack,” Rash said. “Sherwood is so tough. It’s hard to compete with them with some many club swimmers. They have people that train year round.”

The Lions have swimmers that also compete in football, volleyball, and soccer. Not many swim year round.

Still Rash feels there are several areas where the Lions could finish in the top six at district—the boys 100 fly (up to four swimmers), girls 200 IM (Parkhurst and Hopkins), girls 200 free (Spears and Edwards), and girls 500 free (Marshall and Edwards).

While Scappoose didn't finish as high in the standings at their invitational, Coach David Richmond felt it was solid performance with 26 personal bests.

“Most of the team set season or personal bests at some point during the meet,” Richmond said. “Our boys and girls medleys swam very well. We need to continue to bring the first three legs of the girls’ relays down to get to where we want to be at the end of the season.”

Richmond noted that Sadie Krahn returned to the team this week and promptly took first in the 50 free.

“She swam two PRs in her two individual races and anchored the relay in 26 seconds. She’s one of the top five returning sprinters in the state,” Richmond said. “Stefany Alvarez in the 200 IM was a PR as well.” Krahn was also third in the 100 fly.

He also praised Kiara Single for three personal bests and a great anchor leg in the 200 free relay.

St. Helens has two home swim meets before the Christmas break—Liberty this Thursday and Wilsonville on Thursday, Dec. 20.

Scappoose is at Seaside this Thursday and at Rainier on Friday, Dec. 21.

Scappoose, St. Helens results:

River City Invitational


Team scores: Valley Catholic 306, St. Helens 300, The Dalles 228, North Marion 182, Scappoose 135, Gladstone 102, Rainier 40.

200 Medley Relay—1) St. Helens A (Brook Hopkins, Jackie Prevish, Patience Marshall, Emily Spears), 2:07.07; 4) Scappoose A (Marie Hannah, Brooke Pesterfield, Stefany Alvarez, Sadie Krahn), 2:17.32; St. Helens B, 2:21.67; Scappoose B, 2:42.57. 200 Free—3) E. Spears (SH), 2:16.71; 5) Tori Edwards (SH), 2:23.65; 9) Molly Orr (Sc), 2:43.81; 10) Lexi Normine (SH), 2:52.97; 16) Lauren Herscovitz, 3:05.03; 17) Lindsey Marquardt (Sc), 3:06.51. 200 IM—2) Hopkins (SH), 2:32.76; 7) Alvarez (Sc), 2:39.92; 8) JoJo Parkhurst (SH), 2:42.35; 12) Kiara Single (Sc), 3:27.55. 50 Free (top 15): 1) Krahn (Sc), 27.78; 2) Prevish (SH), 27.69; 8) Hannah Spears (SH), 31.08; 9) Lauren Chambers (SH) 35.20; 10) Jackie Widdifield, 31.41; 11) Marie Hannah (Sc), 31.87; 14) Pesterfield (Sc), 33.73. 100 Fly—2) Marshall (SH), 1:11.33; 3) Krahn (Sc), 1:12.85; 4) Ashley Stewart (SH), 1:13.66; 7) Hannah (Sc), 1:25.33. 100 Free (top15)—3) E. Spears (SH), 1:01.75; 8) Chambers (SH), 1:12.39; 11) Orr (Sc), 1:14.54; 12) Single (Sc), 1:16.06; 14) Normine (SH), 1:17.83. 500 Free—2) Marshall (SH), 6:14.21; 6) Edwards (SH), 6:36.21; 8) Josie Galloway (Sc) 7:59.26; 10) Marquardt (Sc), 8:31.43.

200 Free Relay—3) St. Helens A (Hopkins, Parkhurst, Stewart, Edwards), 2:00.45; 7) St. Helens B, 2:12.28; 9) Scappoose A (Pesterfield, Lauren Herscovitz, Orr, Single), 2:12.80; 13) Scappoose B, 2:53.67. 100 Back—3) Hopkins (SH), 1:10.23; 5) Alvarez (Sc), 1:16.40; 7) Parkhurst (SH), 1:17.42; 8) Stewart (SH), 1:21.25; 14) Mary Rotter (Sc), 1:29.78; 17) Kayla Miller (Sc), 1:42.60. 100 Breast—2) Prevish (SH), 1:20.61; 9) Tresa Stone (SH), 1:30.44; 10) Widdifield (SH), 1:32.21; 13) Pesterfield (Sc), 1:36.79; 15) Kelley (Sc), 1:48.44; 16) Savannah Hermes (Sc), 1:49.97. 400 Free Relay—2) St. Helens A (Marshall, E. Spears, Edwards, Prevish), 4:10.39; 3) Scappoose A (Alvarez, Orr, Jillian Werderber, Krahn), 4:29.84; 7) St. Helens B, 5:028.34; 11) Scappoose B, 5:30.42.


Team scores: St. Helens 341, Rainier 302, North Marion 162, Scappoose 138, Gladstone 126, Valley Catholic 101, The Dalles 78.

200 Medley Relay—2) St. Helens A (Cameron Lein, Jacob Zartman, Jonathan Prevish, Devon Brady), 1:54.76; Scappoose A (Sam Herscovitz, Mick Vanek, Keegan Carey, Gilberto Martinez), 2:00.22; St. Helens B, 2:05.45. 200 Free—2) Jared Houghtelling (SH), 2:19.71; 3) Trevor Moss (SH), 2:21.86; 4) Zack Kessinger (SH), 2:23.45; 7) Martinez (Sc), 2:26.32; 14) Bradley Huffman (Sc), 2:53.64. 200 IM—1) Prevish (SH), 2:26.42; 4) David Sumsion (SH), 2:43.46. 50 Free (top 15): 1) Brady (SH), 24.68; 4) Vanek (Sc), 26.43; 7) Herscovitz (Sc), 27.30; 8) Kenny Klippel (Sc), 27.56; 9) Karl Reineger (SH), 27.72; 11) Zartman (Sc), 28.20; 13) Nathan Reed (SH), 29.45; 15) Will Sprute (Sc), 30.75. 100 Fly—3) Prevish (SH), 1:03,63; 4) Lein (SH), 1:05.62; 6) Carey (Sc), Dillon Swatski (SH), 1:09.53. 100 Free (top 15)—2) Brady (SH), 55.23; 8) Martinez (Sc), 1:02.57; 9) Reineger (SH), 1:04.86. 500 Free—2) Houghtelling (SH), 6:31.41; 3) Kessinger (SH), 7:00.80.

200 Free Relay—2) Scappoose A (Vanek, Herscovitz, Martinez, Carey), 1:46.24; 4) St. Helens A (Zartman, Reineger, Trevor Moss, Houghtelling), 1:53.58; 8) St. Helens B, 2) 14.68. 100 Back—2) Lein (SH), 1:05.94; 5) Swatski (SH), 1:09.54; 6) Moss (SH), 1:11.05; 7) Herscovitz (Sc), 1:13.25; 11) Huffman (Sc), 1:27.54; 13) Sprute (Sc), 1:6.15. 100 Breast—1) Zartman (SH), 1:13.76; 4) Sumsion (SH), 1:19.47; 5) Reed (SH), 1:20.40; 6) Carey (Sc), 1:21.31; 7) Vanek (Sc), 1:23.98; 17) Kyler Mizee (Sc), 1:53.41. 400 Free Relay—2) St. Helens A (Lein, Houghtelling, Prevish, Brady), 3:54.14; 6) Scappoose A (Huffman, Trace Sweeney, Sprute, Kenny Klippel), 5:01.14; 8) St. Helens B, 5:44.55

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