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Lady Indians drop four during holidays


Tribe girls lose three at Stayton Holiday Classic, thumped by La Salle

The Scappoose Lady Indians couldn’t get the offense on track in any of their four games over the holidays.

Scappoose made three trips to Stayton in three days and couldn’t come back with a win. Last Friday, they took on now 9-2, third-ranked La Salle and fell behind early.

The Tribe just couldn’t keep pace with the quick tempo of La Salle, giving up a number of buckets off in-bound passes or steals. La Salle scored the first 11 points of the game and by the end of the first period they had taken a 19-6 advantage. It was 38-10 at the break. Although La Salle backed off in the third period, Scappoose could make only a small dent in the lead. The Lady Falcons finished with a 64-25 victory.

It was a similar story for Scappoose at the Stayton Tournament. The Lady Indians fell behind Madras in their first game, 18-4 after one, and were still losing by double digits at the half, 27-16. Madras put the game on ice in the third period and cruised to a 58-29 win. Lacey Updike led the Tribe in scoring with 10 points.

It was a little better the next night against Central. Scappoose again fell behind in the first period, and was down 20-14 by the half. Central outscored Scappoose 23-16 in the second half. Abby Kessi led the Lady Indians with 10 points and Brittany Catlow had nine.

It was a much closer game against Hidden Valley in the final game for the Tribe. They trailed by just three after one period. However, they could only score two in the second period and only another two in the third. Central pulled away to a 31-14 lead. Scappoose had a two-point edge in the fourth. Catlow again led Scappoose with 10.

The Lady Indians are now 2-8 on the season and ranked 33rd in the 4A classification. The Tribe hosts Central this Friday, their last preseason game before the start of league. They travel to Tillamook with the boys teams to open league this coming Tuesday and host Banks the next Friday.


La Salle 64, Scappoose 25

La Salle 19 19 7 19—64

Scappoose 6 4 8 7—25

La Salle (64)—Sterling Swift 22, Courtney Crane 10, Novak 9, McSmith 6, Schlechter 4, Buerk 4, Llg 3, goodman 3, Cook 2, Albrecht-Haug 1.

Scappoose (25)—Brittany Catlow 7, Kessi 4, Updike 4, Wight 4, Vardanaga 2, Bailey 2, MacInnis, Tinning, Courtney.

Madras 58, Scappoose 29

Scappoose 4 12 9 4—29

Madras 18 9 17 14—58

Scappoose (29)—Lacey Updike 10, Catlow 8, Keierleber 2, Hoglund 2, MacInnis 2, Tinning 2, Wight 2, Courtney, Vardanaga, Kessi, Bailey.

Madras (58)—Mariah Stacona 25, Esquival 9, K. Adams 6, Jones 6, T. Adams 4, Hunt 4, J. Adams 2, Wolfe.

Central 43, Scappoose 28

Scappoose 6 8 8 6—28

Central 11 9 12 11—43

Scappoose (28)—Abby Kessi 10, Brittany Catlow 9, Updike 3, Wight 2, Hoglund 2, Courtney 2, Keierleber, MacInnis, Vardanaga, Bailey.

Central (43)—Maddy Pape 15, Mo Tapasa 13, Huffman 7, Cutsforth 4, Berry 2, C. Webb 2, Huhn, Lloyd.

Hidden Valley 35, Scappoose 18

Scappoose 8 2 2 6—18

Hidden Valley 11 8 12 4—35

Scappoose (18)—Brittany Catlow 10, Hoglund 4, Keierleber 2, Wight 2, MacInnis, Updike, Tinning, Courtney, Vardanaga, Kessi, Bailey.

Hidden Valley (35)—Richardson 9, Revos 9, McGuiness 6, Schavone 4, Hanson 3, Davis 2, Span 2, Waggoner 2, Taylor, Mercer.