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St. Helens girls trail much of swim meet, but win last three events for victory

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - St. Helens' Emily Spears won the 100 freestyle, took second in the 200 free, and was on two relay teams for the Lady Lions in their win over visiting Sherwood on Thursday.The St. Helens Lady Lions showed they know how to finish a swim meet Thursday with a 91-76 win over visiting Sherwood.

St. Helens Coach Bill Rash knew it would be a tight meet, but wanted to see St. Helens pick up their third straight dual meet win in three years over the Lady Bowmen.

The meet didn’t start as if St. Helens would prevail, but the Lady Lions kept it close, never trailing by more than seven.

When Jackie Prevish won the 50 free and Lauren Chambers was third, the squad trailed by just four. The team was down by six going into the 100 free, and got a 1-2 from Emily Spears and Chambers. It was a two-point lead. St. Helens didn’t win the 500 free, but got enough points to make it a one-point contest.

While they got only four points out of the 200 free relay and fell behind, it was Brook Hopkins with a first, JoJo Parkhurst with a third and Ashley Stewart a fourth that pulled it back within one point. Prevish then won her second event, the 100 breast, and Tresa Stone, and Amy Sumsion were third and fourth for five more points. That put St. Helens in front for the first time, 79-78, and left just the 400 relay.

St. Helens spanked Sherwood in the last event, both their relay teams taking first and second for 12 points, and clinching the win. St. Helens won just five events in the meet, but had eight seconds and seven thirds.

The boys finished in the opposite position. They won just four events in the meet, and six seconds in a 98-72 loss. Andrew Collson won the 50 free with Devon Brady second. Brady would win the 100 free and Collson was second. Cameron Lein added a first in the 100 back, and the 400 free relay team of Brady, Jared Houghtelling, Lein, and Collson also took first.

The dual meet was the last of the regular season for St. Helens. They travel to Parkrose this coming Friday and Saturday for the Northwest Oregon Conference district swim meet.by: JOHN BREWINGTON - St. Helens' Jackie Prevish won the 100 breast and the 50 free during last week's meet with Sherwood.

St. Helens results:


Team scores: St. Helens 91, Sherwood 76

200 Medley Relay—2) St. Helens A (Brook Hopkins, Jackie Prevish, Patience Marshall, Emily Spears), 2:09.23; 3) St. Helens B (JoJo Parkhurst, Tresa Stone, Ashley Stewart, Hannah Spears), 2:16.62; 5) St. Helens C (Megan Barnes, Amy Sumsion, Lexi Normine, Bridget), 2:40.37. 200 Free—2) E. Spears, 2:15.74; 3) Tori Edwards, 2:23.63; 6) Normine, 2:52.06. 200 IM—2) Hopkins, 2:28.18; 3) Parkhurst, 2:34.24; 6) Sumsion, 3:05.65. 50 Free—1) Prevish, 28.68; 3) Lauren Chambers, 30.23; 6) Bridget Strang, 35.08. 100 Fly—2) Marshall, 1:10.75; 3) Stewart, 1:14.53. 100 Free—1) Emily Spears, 1:01.70; 20 Chambers, 1:10.27; 6) Strang, 1:23.15. 500 Free—2) Marshall, 6:18.18; 3) Edwards, 6:24.16; 6) H. Spears, 7:20.50.

200 Free Relay—2) St. Helens A (Edwards, Stewart, H. Spears, Chambers), 2:04.09; 5) St. Helens B (Sumsion, Barnes, Normine, Strang), 2:27.85. 100 Back—1) Hopkins, 1:09.62; 3) Parkhurst, 1:16.12; 4) Stewart, 1:20.59. 100 Breast—1) Prevish, 1:22.69; 3) Stone, 1:26.93; 4) Sumsion, 1:27.67. 400 Free Relay—1) St. Helens A (Marshall, E. Spears, Hopkins, Prevish), 4:21.69; St. Helens B (Edwards, Parkhurst, H. Spears, Chambers), 4:29.15.


Team scores: Sherwood 98, St. Helens 72

200 Medley Relay—St. Helens A (Cameron Lein, Jacob Zartman, Jonathan Prevish, Andrew Collson), 1:56.58; 4) St. Helens B (Trevor Moss, David Sumsion, Dillon Swatski, Karl Reineger), 2:02.32; 60 St. Helens C (Jouryn Sanchez, Miles Boynton, Nathan Reed, Kevin Christenson), 2:31.41. 200 Free—20 Jared Houghtelling, 2:05.76; 4) Zack Kessinger, 2:20.40. 200 IM—3) Prevish, 2:32.80; 4) Moss, 2:36.99; 5) Sumsion, 2:44.94. 50 Free—1) Collson, 23.32; 2) Devon Brady, 23.74; 5) Reed, 27.25. 100 Fly—2) Lein, 1:04.70; 3) Swatski, 1:05.12; 6) Prevish, 1:19.48; 100 Free—1) Brady, 52.12; 2) Collson, 53.63; 6) Reineger, 1:03.43. 500 Free—4) Houghtelling, 6:20.28; 5) Kessinger, 6:39.55; 6) Jeffrey Edwards, 8:06.31.

200 Free Relay—2) St. Helens A (Brady, Houghtelling, Reed, Moss), 1:44.37; 4) St. Helens B (Zartman, Ryan Jensen, Sanchez, Reineger), 1:59.10; 5) St. Helens C (J. Boynton, M. Boynton, Christenson, Bryan Strang), 2:13.19. 100 Back—1) Lein, 1:04.69; 3) Swatski, 1:16.87. 100 Breast—3) Zartman, 1:14.11; 5) Sumsion, 1:16.87; 6) Reed, 1:18.89. 400 Free Relay—1) St. Helens A (Brady, Houghtelling, Lein, Collson), 3:41.09; 4) St. Helens B (Swatski, Prevish, Moss, Kessinger), 4:20.71; 5) St. Helens C (Strang, M. Boynton, J. Boynton, Jensen), 5:25.64.

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