Scappoose teams excel in running events, not so much in some field events

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Paul Revis may be in his first year of track, but the senior is already very close to a new school record in the long jump. He went 22-feet, 1-inch against Banks, just four inches short of tying the record.The Scappoose Indians got back into track action last Thursday, hosting Banks in a somewhat laid-back meet.

The Tribe boys won every running event but one and added field firsts in the long jump and triple jump on their way to a 91-54 win over the Braves.

The Scappoose girls also dominated the running events, except for the 100 and 200 sprints, and the short relay. Their only field event win came in the long jump from freshman Kayleigh Horecky.

The Tribe boys didn’t unleash all of their top weapons at Banks, using their depth instead and holding back a bit in preparation for the Lower Columbia Invitational on Saturday. It will be a similar situation this week with the YC meet on Thursday and the Wilsonville Invitational on Saturday.

Overall, though Harley was pleased with the performance and is working to improve the squads. The boys will have to settle on relay teams fairly shortly, but it’s mostly because they have an embarrassment of talent.

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose freshman Eleanor Jones won both hurdle events against Banks last week, and also had a third and fourth at the Lower Columbia 
Invitational.“The girls do have an area or two that we need to strengthen as the season progresses and the field events will be a key area,” the coach said. “Banks has tremendous girls in the field so they probably made us look weaker than we actually are. It was very encouraging to see everyone get excited with the opportunity to perform again and they made the most of it.”

The Indians’ Paul Revis keeps improving. He’s a senior, but out for track for the first time. He won the 100 with a four-tenths improvement, and came within four inches of setting a nearly 40-year Scappoose school record in the long jump. He went 22-feet, 1-inch. The record is 22-5. Revis also ran in two relays.

On top of his exploits, other Scappoose winners included Nick Rust in the 200, Dan Carrier in the 800, Jacob Harley in the 1,500, Mikal Rekdal in the 3,000, and David Krupsky in the high hurdles. Scappoose also won both relays, and also had seconds in both relays. The only field event wins for the Tribe came from Revis in the long jump and Joey Krupsky in the triple jump.

It was a similar meet for the Scappoose girls, but they had a little less depth in the sprint events—losing both the 100, 200, and short relay.

Charlie Davidson cruised to a win the 400, but didn’t run in the 800 and 1,500, events where she has placed at state over the previous two seasons. Tia by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Tia Carnahan and Abby Kessi went 1-2 in the 1,500 at their meet with Banks.Carnahan, also a state placer in the 3,000, easily won the 1,500 with Abby Kessi right behind. Macy Gray, a freshman won the 3,000 and Caley Ricker, another freshman was a close second.

Freshman Eleanor Jones was another bright spot for the Scappoose girls. She won both hurdle events and is not far off a state finals time. She also ran in both relays.

The Tribe teams are at Yamhill-Carlton for a meet next week, and will be in the Wilsonville Invitational on Saturday, April 20. They host Tillamook on April 25.

Scappoose results (top 3):


Team scores: Scappoose 91, Banks 54

100—1) Paul Revis, 11.31; 2) Jadyn Harris, 11.63; 3) Carson Davison, 11.72. 200—1) Nick Rust, 23.85; 2) Jarrett White, 24.08; 3) Matt Shoun, 24.20. 400—2) Mychal Hortert, 54.60; 3) Joey Krupsky, 55.56; 4) Asa Flanagan, 56.36. 800—1) Dan Carrier, 2:10.80; 20 Mason Reardon, 2:14.28; 3) Jim Cutrona, 2:23.76. 1,500—1) Jacob Harley, 4:50.69; 3) Stephen Gift, 5:00.15; 4) Ethan Marcantonio, 5:13.46. 3,000—1) Mikal Rekdal, 12:46.70; 2) Julian Ribera, 12:49.98. 110 Hurdles—1) David Krupsky, 18.32; 3) Sam Herscovitz, 26.37. 300 Hurdles—2) Kyle Kramer, 45.36; 3) Michael Lohman, 45.94; 4) D. Krupsky, 46.22. 4x100 Relay—1) Scappoose (Braden Clark, Matt Shoun, Paul Revis, Nick Rust), 44.65 2) Scappoose (Michael Herbst, Scott Toenjes, White, J. Krupsky), 45.48. 4x400 Relay—1) Scappoose (Braden Clark, Flanagan, J. Krupsky, Rust), 3:37.96; 2) Scappoose (Reardon, Revis, Shoun, White), 3:38.40.

Shot Put—2) Kenny Klippel, 43-0; 4) Bryan McFeron, 37-7; 5) Jabin Pedro, 37-4. Discus—2) Pedro, 112-3; 50 Klippel, 103-4; 7) Taylor Heaton, 87-5. Javelin—2) Klippel, 146-5; 4) Mick Vanek, 120-0; 7) Kyle Nickel, 110-0. High Jump—3) Flanagan, 5-4; 4) Vanek, 5-2. Pole Vault—2) Vanek, 11-0; 4) Nickel, 8-6. Long Jump—1) Revis, 22-1; 7) Michael Herbst, 18-5.5; 8) Clark, 18-0.5. Triple Jump—1) J. Krupsky, 39-6; 2) Flanagan, 38-5; 4) Kyle Kramer, 36-10.


100—2) Kayleigh Horecky, 14.01; 4) Sandra Hales, 14.39; 5) Hannah Carey, 14.61. 200—2) Charlie Davidson, 27.66; 3) Horecky, 29.56; 4) Hannah Carey, 29.81. 400—1) Davidson, 1:03.64; 2) Haley Wright, 1:06.79. 800—1) Lindsey Marquardt, 2:56.36; 2) Miranda raw, 3:26.52; 3) Kayla Miller, 3:33.46. 1,500—1) Tia Carnahan, 5:17.08; 2) Abby Kessi, 5:21.60; 3) Sarah Carrier, 5:53.82. 3,000—1) Macy Gray, 14:17.13; 2) Caley Ricker, 14:18.22. 100 Hurdles—1) Eleanor Jones, 17.15; 4) Abby Flanagan, 19.41; 5) Phylicia Haigh, 19.45. 300 Hurdles—1) Jones, 50.62; 3) Flanagan, 55.20; 5) Haigh, 56.37. 4x100 Relay—2) Scappoose (Julia Grabhorn, Haigh, Horecky, Jones), 54.52; 3) Scappoose (Nicole Andreotti, Haley Wight, Sandra Hales, Rachel Bode), 55.82. 4x400 Relay—1) Scappoose (Davidson, Kessi, Grabhorn, Jones), 4:27.93.

Shot Put—6) Lyndsey Huff, 25-2; 7) Arden Jones, 25-0.5; 8) Hanna Sleightham, 24-5.5. Discus—4) Emily Scherdnik, 83-2; 50 Jones, 77-4; 6) Huff, 70-1. Javelin—5) Hailee Holmason, 82-9; 7) Hannah Woodbury, 78-8; 10) Raw, 73-1. High Jump—2) Jessie Powell, 4-8; 4) Sarah Davison, 4-4. Pole Vault—2) Carly DiPietro, 7-6; 4) Laurence de Clercq, 7-0; 50 Grabhorn, 6-6. Long Jump—1) Horecky, 15-9; 3) DiPietro, 15-5; 6) Andreotti, 12-5. Triple Jump—4) DiPietro, 30-7.5; 6) Grabhorn, 29-10; 7) Sarah Davison, 25-8.

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