Boys' teams finish fourth and fifth at 18-team, high-powered meet

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - St. Helens' Nate Reed was second in the javelin with a 171-11 toss during the Wilsonville Invitational on JOHN BREWINGTON - St. Helens' Jacob Zartman was fifth in the shot put with a 42-11.5 toss during the Wilsonville Invitational on Saturday.The Scappoose and St. Helens boys’ high school track teams had some good moments at the 18-team Wilsonville Invitational Saturday.

The meet featured eight 6A teams, six 5A teams, three 4A teams and two from Washington.

The Indians and Lions would finish in fourth and fifth place, respectively, just five points apart.

It was tough to score in the meet, but both clubs found their strengths. The closes battle came in the 300 hurdles where the Tribe’s Jadyn Harris, just nipped St. Helens’ Thomas Hughes and Kendrick Alvarez. Only five one-hundredths of a second separated the three.

“It was that close,” St. Helens coach Gerry Tinkle said. “Another meter would have produced a different result.”

St. Helens got some big points from Nate Reed in the discuss and javelin, finishing second in both events. Reed was eclipsed in the javelin by Wilsonville’s Johnny Ragin. He showed up late and after a 130-foot toss, winged the next one 196-feet. Reed was 8-feet in front of third place with a 171-11 JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Kenny Klippel was seventh in the shot and fourth in the javelin at the Wilsonville Invitational on Saturday.

In the discus, Reed was just over a foot behind Jacob Roberson of 6A West Salem. Reed had a 132-8 toss in that event.

“At Wilsonville we started to look better on the track,” Tinkle added. “The relays posted season best times and the sprinters competed well. Our distance runners and the boy hurdlers again gave solid performances; however, as it has been all season, our big points came from the throws (with the exception of the boy hurdlers). Nathan Reed had another impressive day along with the other discus throwers. Matt Denakis had a great day. Good time to have a big PR. Kylie Reinholdt squeaked out a win in the TJ. It was a good day for us.”

Scappoose coach David Harley was also pleased with the efforts of his teams.

“Again, I think that we showed that we are a very well-rounded team with some definite strengths in the sprints and relays,” Harley said. “The girls had some very good marks also, and are improving weekly.  Some athletes that I thought stood out were Mick Vanek in the PV, Asa Flanagan in the TJ, David Krupsky in the 110 HH, Eleanor had two strong races, Caley Ricker and Macy Gray had big improvements in the 3000 (JV) as did Arden Jones in the discus.

“In light of all this, we still need to get better in the field events in both the boys and girls. We need to really focus on the little things that relate to technical improvements that will hopefully translate into big improvements in these areas over the next couple of weeks,” he concluded.

The Lions’ Jacob Zartman just nudged Scappoose’s Kenny Klippel in the shot for fifth. Zartman went 42-11.5 and Klippel was just a quarter-inch back, but in seventh.

The Indians posted a second place in the 4x400 relay, an event they won at the 4A state meet last season. Their time of 3:30.72 is just over three seconds behind that winning time at state. The Tribe’s only first came from Mick Vanek with a first in the pole vault, going 12-feet. Justice Oman had a third in the 400, Paul Revis was fourth in the 100, and Klippel had a fourth in the javelin.

The Lions also got a third and a fifth from Hughes and Alvarez in the 110 hurdles. The 4x100 relay team was seventh. Scappoose didn’t finish the 4x100 due to a dropped exchange on the last leg. They were in contention to win it at that point.

For the Scappoose and St. Helens girls there were some highlights, but not a lot of scoring. Both finished within a team point of each other, but down in the pack.

Top finish for the Lady Lions was Kylie Reinholdt’s first in the triple jump, going 35-0.5. She also added a fourth in the high jump. Dana Sukau scored in the javelin with a seventh, and Patience Marshall was seventh in the 800.

Freshman Eleanor Jones scored a fair share of Scappoose’s points. She was third in the high hurdles and seventh in the 300 hurdles. Both times were close to the finals at state last year.

The Tribe’s Charlie Davidson was fourth against some stiff competition from Wilsonville, Corvallis and West Salem. Her time is closing in on her second-place time in the 1,500 at state last year.

The Lady Indians also got a seventh place in the 4x400 relay.

St. Helens, Scappoose results:


Team scores: West Salem 117, Wilsonville 92, Lakeridge 72, Scappoose 62.5; St. Helens 57.5; West Linn 44, Battle Ground (Wash.) 36, Aloha 35, Putnam 29, Forest Grove 25, Woodburn 24, Glencoe 23, Newport 14, Century 13, Corvallis 8, Yamhill-Carlton 5, Mountain View 4, McNary 2.

100—4) Paul Revis (Sc), 11.47; 7) Carson Davison (Sc), 11.65; 11) Jarrett White (Sc), 11.77; 37) Gionvanni Carugo (SH), 12.45; 39) Chris Gray (SH), 12.75. 200—7) White (Sc), 23.34; 17) Nick Rust (Sc), 23.97; 19) Davison (Sc), 24.09; 23) Jeff Steinke (SH), 24.41; 34) Carugo (SH), 25.37. 400—3) Justice Oman (Sc), 51.16; 18) Braden Clark (Sc), 53.88; 37) Joshua Green (SH), 59.60. 800—9) Mychal Hortert (Sc), 2:03.35; 32) Jessie Vanderwall (SH), 2:17.53; 33) Jim Cutrona (Sc), 2:19.30; 34) Jacob Harley (Sc), 2:19.60; 35) Christian Effray (SH), 2:26.52. 1,500—27) Casey Cooke (SH), 4:31.47; 30) Mason Reardon (Sc), 4:33.87. 3,000—14) Bryan Strang (SH), 9:31.36; 19) Dan Carrier (Sc), 9:30.50; 28) Tanner Boyle (SH), 10:14.31; 29) David Sumsion (SH), 10:15.48; 31) Stephen Gift (Sc), 10:26.52. 110 Hurdles—3) Thomas Hughes, 16.14; 5) Kendrick Alvarez (SH), 16.64; 21) David Krupsky (Sc), 42.87. 300 Hurdles—1) Jadyn Harris (Sc), 41.65; 2) Hughes (SH), 41.67; 3) Alvarez (SH), 41.70; 13) Michael Lohman (Sc), 45.12; 14) Kyle Kramer (Sc), 45.18. 4x100 Relay—7) St. Helens (Steinke, Alvarez, Hughes, Kamaron Ebrahimi), 45.85; N/T—Scappoose dropped exchange and didn’t finish. 4x400—2) Scappoose (Hortert, Matt Shoun, Revis, Clark), 3:30.72; 9) St. Helens (Alvarez, Steinke, Hughes, Strang), 3:40.88.

Shot Put—5) Jacob Zartman (SH), 42-11.5; 7) Kenny Klippel (Sc), 42-11.25; 21) Corey West, 38-4.5; 24) Matthew Denakis (SH), 38-0.25; 38) Taylor Heaton (Sc), 32-9.25. Discus—2) Nate Reed (SH), 132-8; 4) West, 129-1; 6) Denakis, 126-8; 16) Klippel (Sc), 109-4; 36) Heaton (Sc), 86-3. Javelin—2) Reed (SH), 171-11; 4) Klippel (Sc), 160-10; 5) Nick Dummer (SH), 158-0; 13) Dillion Crook, 143-8; 36) Tyler Schillereff (Sc), 113-8. High Jump—17) Asa Flanagan (Sc), 5-3; 19) Lohman (Sc), 5-3. Pole Vault—1) Mick Vanek (Sc), 12-0; 14) Jessie Vanderwall (SH), 10-0; 17) Joshua Green (SH), 9-6. Long Jump—5) Revis (Sc), 20-6.5; 7) Oman (Sc), 19-11.5; 18) Steinke (SH), 18-10; 260 Gray (SH), 17-3; 34) Michael Herbst (Sc), 15-9. Triple Jump—3) Flanagan (Sc), 40-5; 8) Joey Krupsky (Sc), 38-10; 12) Kramer (Sc), 35-8.5.


Team scores: Lakreridge 101.5, Corvallis 100, Century 60, Battle Ground 55.5, Wilsonville 47, Yamhill-Carlton 39.5, Newport 36, Mountain View 35, Glencoe, West Linn 33.5; West Salem 23; St. Helens, Aloha 21, Scappoose 20, McNary 5.5, Parkrose 5, Putnam 3.

100—29) Nicole Andreotti (Sc), 14.37; 31) Hannah Carey (Sc), 14.42; 36) Lydia Reardon (SH), 14.69; 37) Makayla Grigsby (SH), 15.02. 200—32) Carey (Sc), 30.00; 33) Andreotti (Sc), 30.16; 35) Reardon (SH), 30.56. 400—13) Sydney Nett (SH), 1:05.30; 16) Haley Wight (Sc), 1:06.50; 800—7) Patience Marshall (SH), 2:30.13; 34) Jenny Vardanega (Sc), 2:51.80. 1,500—4) Charlie Davidson (Sc), 4:58.22; 10) Tia Carnahan (Sc), 1:06.00; 16) Megan Waite (SH), 5:25.63; 30) Lyndsey Marquardt (Sc), 5:51.97. 3,000—14) Amy Sumsion (SH), 12:16.65; 17) Sarah Carrier (Sc), 12:19.68; 21) Megan Barnes (SH) 13:16.11. 100 Hurdles—3) Eleanor Jones (Sc), 16.91; 13) Abby Flanagan (Sc), 52.58; 17) Alyna Habel (SH), 18.71; 30) Gabby Hora (SH), Angela Willson (SH), 21.71. 300 Hurdles—7) Jones (Sc), 48.69; 13) Flanagan (Sc), 52.58; 32) Willson (SH0, 1:06.16. 4x100 Relay—10) St. Helens (Jillian Ross, Habel, Kylie Reinholdt, Sydney Nett), 52.83; 12) Scappoose (Carey, Kayleigh Horecky, Jones, Julia Grabhorn), 53.89. 4x400 Relay—7) Scappoose (Carnahan, Jones, Flanagan, Wight), 4:26.17; 10) St. Helens (Nett, Reinholdt, Habel, Marshall), 4:33.85.

Shot Put—17) Natalie Finch (SH), 27-10.5; 18) Regan Duarte (SH), 27-10.25; 21) M’Kenzie Brookes (SH), 26-10.25; 26) Lyndsey Huff (Sc), 25-4; 27) Arden Jones (Sc), 25-0.25; 36) Emily Scherdnik (SH), 22-2.5. Discus—9) Chelsee Rennie (SH), 93-2; 13) Jones (Sc), 86-3; 14) Dana Sukau (SH), 81-9; 23) Finch (SH), 71-0; 18) Scherdnik (Sc), 76-4; 33) Maria Melgar (Sc), 42-2. Javelin—7) Sukau (SH), 103-6; 8) Rennie (SH), 101-7; 17) Kennen Hembree (SH), 93-9; 32) Hailee Holmason (Sc), 78-6; 330 Hannah Woodbury (Sc), 78-0; 39) Miranda Raw (Sc), 65-1. High Jump—4) Reinholdt (SH), 4-8; 6) Alyssa Holz (SH), 4-8; 10) Jessie Powell (Sc), 4-6. Pole Vault—4) Carly DiPietro (Sc), 8-6. Long Jump—11) Ross (SH), 14-9.5; 28) DiPietro (Sc), 13-10.5; 36) Reardon (SH), 12-10; 39) Willson (SH), 12-7.5; 42) Carey (Sc), 11-11.5. Triple Jump—1) Reinholdt (SH), 35-0.5; 13) DiPietro (Sc), 30-11.5; 15) Ross (SH), 30-4.5; 25) Willson (SH), 28-2.5; 30) Grabhorn (Sc), 27-10.

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Charlie Davidson eyes the competition during the 1,500 meter run at the Wilsonville Invitational.

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