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Small changes proposed for NWOC, Cowapa League


Hillsboro added to NWOC; Valley Catholic joins Cowapa League

The most recent classification proposal from the Oregon School Activities Association classification and districting committee has some tweaks to the previous plan that affect St. Helens and Scappoose.

Basically, just one change was made from the Draft #7 in the latest draft plan.

For the 5A classification, La Salle withdrew their request to play up—putting the Northwest Oregon back to eight teams. Sherwood still moves up to the 6A ranks and Hillsboro is dropping down from 6A based on a new formula that takes socio-economic factors into account.

St. Helens Athletic Director Cyndy Miller didn’t like the previous nine-team proposal for the NWOC, saying the odd number made scheduling difficult.

In the 4A Cowapa League, Valley Catholic moves in, while Yamhill-Carlton goes into the Oregon West Conference.

The departure of Sherwood, a perennial league leader in most sports, will probably have the biggest effect for the NWOC. La Salle has been a frequent contender in the 4A ranks, but not as dominant as Sherwood. Hillsboro was in the conference until the most recent reclassification with a bit of success. They haven’t contended as well as of late in the 6A ranks.

Valley Catholic will make the Cowapa League stronger, but still leaves it at six teams. It’s also a bit less travel than to Yamhill-Carlton.

Scappoose AD Robert Medley has nothing against Valley Catholic, but would prefer the league stay the way it is now. He likes the cooperative atmosphere they currently have. He thinks Valley Catholic will fit, and notes travel time will be less. Still, he would prefer to retain the status quo.

The classification committee has indicated they intend to stay with six classifications: 6A to 1A. They spent some time on Monday discussing Central’s request to stay in the 4A classification, rather than move up. There was also a discussion of Sherwood’s request to be placed in a different league in the 6A ranks, rather than the Metro. They asked to be put in a league with Newberg, Tigard, or Tualatin, but the committee declined to make a change.

Also of note, was a request by Lakeridge to move down to 5A. Their current ADM (1,006) is well within the proposed cutoff points. They asked to go to 6A when the original reclassification to six classes was done. The committee noted that the decision by Lakeridge and/or new enrollment figures could have an impact on league placement.

Further changes will be considered in the fall. The committee will not meet again until Sept. 23.

Draft #8 Reclassification Plan

5A-1 Northwest Oregon Conference

(710-1,259 ADM)

Adjusted ADM

Hillsboro Spartans 1,221

Milwaukie Mustangs 1,074

Parkrose Broncos 819

Putnam Kingsmen 1,138

Sandy Pioneers 1,094

St. Helens Lions 917

Wilsonville Wildcats 995

(Sherwood moves to 6A Metro; Hillsboro added)

4A-1 Cowapa League

(325-709 ADM)

Adjusted ADM

Astoria Fishermen 494

Banks Braves 369

Scappoose Indians 629

Seaside Seagulls 399

Tillamook Cheesemakers 596

Valley Catholic Valiants 330*

(Yamhill-Carlton moves to Oregon West, Valley Catholic added)

*Private school adjusted