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Indians top field at St. Helens mat tournament

Tribe has five champions in bracketed tourney; Jonah Asher paces Lions
by: John Brewington TOUGH MOVE—Scappoose’s Luke Mills managed to reverse a hold on the Lions’ Josh Bailey to win this semifinal match. Mills hurt his foot and had to sit out the finals.

The Scappoose Indians showed strength in individual weight classes and depth in winning the St. Helens Invitational Wrestling Tournament last Saturday.

The Indians topped 6A Tigard by almost 100 points to win the six-team tournament.

Scappoose had individual champions in Taylor Walden at 113, Chris Wagner at 126, Hunter Hoyt at 138, Devin Ray at 220, and Brandon Bailey at 285. They got second-place finishes from Cody Jackson at 106, Justin Hering at 120, Blake Huff at 126, and Luke Mills at 170. They added in third place finishes from Jonathon Tardif at 132, Michael Lohman at 145, Isaiah Goodrich at 160, Luis Romero at 195, and Colton Fortney at 220.

The tournament was delayed for almost two hours on Saturday due to bracketing glitches, and later on computer problems also slowed down the tournament.

Host St. Helens had some individual moments during the tournament, and finished fourth overall.

Jonah Asher at 182 pounds was the only champion for the Lions, but they did get second-place finishes from Jon Luttrell at 138 and Jerek Pense at 152. Third-place finishes were recorded by Cole Snider at 106, Andrew Duggan at 126, and Zilen Nicholes at 170.

Scappoose was at Seaside with Astoria for a Cowapa League double dual on Tuesday. They'll wrestle in the Oregon Wrestling Classic at Redmond this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. St. Helens hosted Sandy on Wednesday in a Northwest Oregon Conference dual match.

St. Helens, Scappoose results:

Team scores: Scappoose 347; Tigard 251; Estacada 237, St. Helens 182, Seaside 116.5; Renegades 41, De La Salle 19.

106-2) Cody Jackson (Sc) pinned Jessie Vanderwall (SH), :037; pinned by Ian Rogers (T), 3:31. 3) Cole Snider (SH) pinned by Rogers (T); pinned Cristain Lindsey (Se), 1:13; major dec. Sabatian Sanchez (E). 15-1. 5) Vanderwall (SH) pinned by Jackson; lost to Sanchez, 6-4 OT; won by ff.

113-1) Taylor Walden (Sc) pinned Karen Vandamelen (DLS), :48; major dec. Kyle Hart (E), 17-4.

120-2) Justin Hering (Sc) dec. Skigh Thomas (Se), 5-3; pinned by Donny Wendlund (E), 1:30.

126-1) Chris Wagner (Sc) pinned Zach Jones (E), pinned Michael Shoun (R); pinned Blake Huff (Sc), 3:32; 2) Huff (Sc) pinned Andrew Duggan (SH), 3:00; lost to Wagner; 3) Duggan pinned Colin O'Conor (T), :27; lost to Huff; pinned Jones, 2:17; pinned O'Connor, 1:41.

132-3) Jonathan Tardif (Sc) pinned Gavin Roche (T), 1:14; dec. by Shane Licari (E), 18-10; pinned Ben Gadbois (R), 2:41; pinned Justin Couch (Sc), 2:14. 4) Couch (Sc) pinned by Jacob Cottman (SH), 2:52; pinned Frank Winterbone (R), :50; pinned Cottman (SH), 1:39; pinned by Tardif (Sc), 2:14. Cottman pinned Couch; pinned by Joel Harbolt (T), 5:38; pinned by Couch, 1:39.

138-1) Hunter Hoyt (Sc) pinned Taylor Heberg (SH), 1:26; major dec. Stone Rathbun (E), 11-1; pinned Jon Luttrell (SH), 2:46. 2) Luttrell (SH) pinned Nathan Lusher (E), 1:05; pinned Mauricio Molina (T), 1:51; lost to Hoyt. 5) David Krupsky (Sc) dec. by Molina (T), 6-2; dec. Lusher (E), 10-5; pinned by Rathbun, 4:23; dec. Heberg, 18-6. 6) Heberg (SH) pinned by Hoyt, pinned Trevor Harmon (T), :44; dec. by Molina (T), 6-2; lost to Krupsky (Sc).

145-3) Michael Lohman (Sc) pinned Francisco Moreno (DLS), 1:28; dec. by Jake Davidson (E), 2-0; dec. Brian Moser (E), 6-4; dec. Ryan Bond (Sc), 8-6. 4) Bond (Sc) pinned Andrew Orr (SH), 1:50; dec. by Mark Hall (T), 14-9; dec. Ben Williams (Se), 10-8; lost to Lohman. Andrew Orr (SH) pinned Omar Paleaz (R), :57; lost to Bond (Sc); pinned Tristen Holiday (Se), pinned by Moser (E), 1:35.

152-2) Jerek Pense (SH) dec. Trevor Ellison (T), 18-7; pinned Kevin Sellars (R), :44; dec. by Brandon Dettra (T), 5-3; 5) Joey Krupsky (Sc) dec. Gage Degraffenreid (SH), 8-7; dec. Justin Ruiz (Se), 6-4; pinned by Dettra (T), 3:22; dec. by Ellison (T), 7-2; pinned Sellars (R), 2:33. Degraffenreid (SH) lost to Krupsky (Sc); pinned Colbie Crist (E), 2:13; pinned by Ruiz (Se), 2:12.

160-3) Isaiah Goodrich (Sc) pinned Phillip Engel (R), 1:29; pinned by Andy Pin (T), 5:39; dec. Jordan Howe (T), 8-3; pinned Garrett Couch (Sc), 1:18. 4) Couch (Sc) pinned by Luke Youngberg (E), :32; pinned Patrick Leary (Se), :47; pinned Engel (R); pinned by Goodrich.

170-2) Luke Mills (Sc) pinned Austin Johnson (T), dec. Josh Bailey (SH), 4-2; injury default to Paul Williams (Se). 3) Zilen Nicholes (SH) pinned by Williams (Se), 2:28; dec. Alvaro Hernandez (T), 10-8; pinned Bailey (SH), 2:47. 4) Bailey (SH) lost to Mills; pinned Johnson (T), 2:11; lost to Nicholes (SH).

182-1) Jonah Asher (SH) pinned Dan Sacks (T), :38; pinned Tjay Barber (E), dec. Cale Holt (T), 10-6. 4) Dustin Ford (SH) major dec. by Holt (T), 11-2; pinned Evan McCormack (Se), 1:37; dec. Bailey Apon (Sc), 5-3; pinned by Barber (E), :59. 5) Apon (Sc) pinned by Barber (E), 1:52; lost to Ford; dec. Jefferson Van Domelen (Sc), 8-1. 6) Van Domelen pinned McCormack (Se), 5:23; pinned by Holt (T), 3:10; dec. by Barber, 7-0; lost to Apon.

195-3) Luis Romero (Sc) dec. by Dillon Abbett (E), 7-2; pinned Tyler Morrisey (E), :41; pinned John Wills (Se), :47.

220-1) Devin Ray (Sc) pinned Levon Schehl (Se), 1:45; pinned Shane Stockwell (E), 3:10; major dec. Mitchell Stocker (Se), 11-0. 3) Colton Fortney (Sc) pinned Ethan Lange (T), pinned by Stocker (Se), 1:02; dec. Gabe Farmer (SH), 3-2 OT; dec. Stockwell (E), 10-5; 5) Farmer (SH) pinned by Stockwell (E), 4:50; pinned Schehl (Se), 1:42; lost to Fortney. Tanner Gross (SH) pinned by Stocker, 1:20; won by ff.; pinned by Colton Wheeler (R), 3:58.

285-1) Brandon Bailey (Sc) pinned Justin Jackson (R), :38; pinned Tae McClendon (Se), :52; pinned Victor Ceja (T), 4:53; dec. Erick Franco (T), 2-1. 5) Nick Rohrig (SH) pinned Kevin Henderson (R), :58; pinned by Franco, 3:19; pinned by McClendon (Se), 1:28; won by ff.