Girls win all but one swimming event; Tribe boys beat Astoria for first time
by: John Brewington Ryan Rafferty swam well at the HRV Invitational.

The Scappoose High swim teams flexed their aquatic muscles last week, winning three of four dual meets with Astoria and Rainier.

It was a great meet overall from top to bottom,' a very pleased coach David Richmond said.

The girls dominated, easily winning both duals, and taking victory in all but the 500-yard freestyle.

Anna Ford set a personal record in winning the 200 individual medley. She also added a first in the 100 back. Erin Heath won both the 50 and 100 freestyle events. Cami Miltich picked up firsts in the 200 free and 100 fly, while Adrianna Martinez won the 100 breast.

The boys had a really good performance, beating Astoria in a dual meet for the first time, and losing to Rainier by just eight points.

The boys won two of three relays and got two firsts from Ryan Rafferty in the 200 free and the 100 free. Todd Graham also won the 200 IM, and Keegan Carey won the 100 fly.

'Ryan had a great day, PR'ing in both his races,' Richmond said. 'Keegan Carey and Kody Backus had big meets.'

The Indians go to Seaside for a double dual that includes Taft this Thursday.

Scappoose results (top 10 finishes overall):


Team scores: Scappoose 104, Rainier 64; Scappoose 116, Rainier 47; Astoria 99, Rainier 61

200 Medley Relay-1) Scap-poose A, (Erin Heath, Lacey Maloney, Cassandra Miltich, Sadie Krahn), 2:07.47; 4) Scappoose B (Kaitlyn Calhoon, Baylee Maloney, Brooke Pesterfield, Jenny Holdner), 2:58.37. 200 Freestyle-1) Miltich, 2:19.61; 5) Elise Harley, 2:47.15; 7) Juliana Ribera, 3:00.48; 9) Kailynn Stevens, 3:12.31. 200 Individual Medley-1) Anna Ford, 2:28.30. 50 Free-1) Heath, :28.25; 2) Adrianna Martinez, :29.87; 5) Stefany Alvarez, :30.72; 6) Maloney, :30.84; 8) Kiara Single, :33.10; 9) Pesterfield, :34.81; 10) Candace Thompson, :34.87. 100 Butterfly-1) Miltich, 1:13.46; 2) Krahn, 1:15.624) Alvarez, 1:17.86. 100 Free-1) Heath, 1:02.50; 5) Sara Rodgers, 1:16.60; 6) Pesterfield, 1:17.17; 8) Calhoon, 1:26.55. 500 Free-2) L. Maloney, 6:43.87; 5) Harley, 7:36.00; 7) Jillian Werderber, 7:51.0; 9) Josie Galloway, 8:11.82.

200 Free Relay-1) Scappoose A (Miltich, Krahn, Heath, Ford), 1:50.66; 5) Scappoose B (Stevens, Lindsey Marquardt, Candace Thompson, Ribera), 2:25.14. 100 Back-1) Ford, 1:08.96; 2) Krahn, 1:13.58; 4) Molly Orr, 1:29.83. 100 Breaststroke-1) Martinez, 1:25.17; 6) Holdner, 1:37.53; 8) Single, 1:48.75. 400 Free Relay-1) Scappoose A(Alvarez, Martinez, L. Maloney, Krahn), 4:27.60; 4) Scappoose B (Single, Marie Hannah, Orr, Werderber), 5:25.17.


Team scores: Scappoose 100, Astoria 70; Rainier 88.5, Scappoose 80.5; Rainier 103, Astoria 64.

200 Medley Relay-1) Scappoose (Kody Backus, Ryan Rafferty, Keegan Carey, Todd Graham), 1:54.63; 5) Scappoose B (Mick Vanek, Brandon Pantanjo, Gilberto Martinez, Morgan Snook), 2:21.60. 200 Free-1) Rafferty, 2:00.58; 3) Backus, 2:18.9. 200 IM-1) Todd Graham, 2:35.42; 3) Carey, 2:43.68; 6) Steven Davis, 3:10.17. 50 Free-4) Jeremy Powell, :26.24; 5) Martinez, :27.94; 6) Kenny Klippel, :28.75. 100 Fly-1) Carey, 1:07.78; 3) Backus, 1:08.30; 5) Snook, 1:21.05. 100 Free-1) Rafferty, :54.83; 6) Martinez, 1;04.19; 8) Vanek, 1:07.49. 500 Free-6) Snook, 7:18.66; 8) Davis, 7:23.97.

200 Free Relay-2) Scappoose (Martinez, Vanek, Snook, Powell), 1:49.37. 100 Back-2) Graham, 1:13.26; 5) Vanek, 1:20.98; 8) Klippel, 1:30.41. 100 Breast-2) Jeremy Powell, 1:14.44; 9) Brandon Pantanjo, 1:35.97. 400 Free Relay-1) Scappoose (Rafferty, Backus, Powell, Graham), 3:59.06.

Tribe improves at HRV meet

The Scappoose Indians had a boys' fourth-place finish and a girls' sixth-place finish at the 12-team Eagle Indian Invitational in Hood River on Saturday.

The Tribe teams didn't have quite as good a meet as anticipated, but did have some exciting highlights.

'We had some really great swims, most of which came from our boys' relay and first year swimmers' Scappoose coach David Richmond said. He thought the girls could bring home a trophy, but it was a tight race and they finished in sixth. It was the first time the boys had scored over 100 points at the meet.

The best swim of the day came from Anna Ford in winning the girls' 200-yard freestyle in 2:08.11. She also had a third in the 100 free. Ryan Rafferty had a second in the 100-yard breaststroke and a third in the boys 200 individual medley.

The girls 200 medley team of Erin Heath, Lacey Maloney, Cami Miltich, and Anna Ford finished third overall. The boys' team of Kody Backus, Ryan Rafferty, Keegan Carey and Todd Graham was also third. The boys 200 free relay team of Rafferty, Backus, Jeremy Powell and Graham finished third as well. The girls' team of Miltich, Sadie Krahn, Heath, and Ford was 4th in the 400 free relay.

Other notable finishes included: Heath, 7th in the 200 IM and 5th in the 100 back; Miltich, 5th in the 50 free and 100 fly; Graham, 6th in the 50 free; Keegan Carey, 4th in the 100 fly; Sadie Krahn, 6th in the 100 back; and Backus, 7th in the 100 back. 

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