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Lady Indians edge Central, not Estacada

Tribe girls improving with every outing

The Scappoose Lady Indians probably should have picked up two wins this past week, but they'll have to settle for lessons learned in two close contests.

Scappoose would give up an eight-point lead and let the Rangers come back to post a 44-42 victory in a game that went down to the wire. But it was Scappoose that came back to take the lead and pull off a slim 41-38 win at Central.

'We lost at Estacada,' Scappoose coach Buell Gonzales said. 'It was one of those turning points. We controlled the game right to the very end, but they did what they needed to do (to win).'

Estacada would come from behind to take the lead in the contest, and made crucial free throws that would give them a win. Scappoose had a chance to knot the score even after time expired, but missed a free throw to end the contest.

Gonzales said the two games set up the Lady Indians for competition in the league and showed them what they need to do to win close games.

The team faced a good Central team on Friday, and controlled much of the action. It was still close in the waning moments. Alix Raya put up a deuce near the end to seal the win. She also had two big free throws just a bit earlier in the contest.

'This time we did what we needed to do to win,' Gonzales said. 'I'm feeling really good going into league.'

The coach said Banks and Tillamook will be the teams to beat in the Cowapa League, but that Yamhill, Astoria, and Seaside will also be very competitive. He thought Banks and Tillamook will have an edge, but that it will be quite a horse race.


Estacada 44, Scappoose 42

Scappoose 5 11 15 11-42

Estacada 4 11 7 20-44

Scappoose (42)- Brittany Catlow 10, Zoey Hendryx 10, Thomas 8, Abby Kessi 5, Mullen 4, McGuire 2, Updike 1, Raya, Hoglund.

Estacada (44)- Sierra Smith 18, Madison Haga 10, Eastman 7, Hannan 4, Haley 3, Shellnutt.

Scappoose 41, Central 38

Scappoose 8 8 10 15-41

Central 12 10 7 9-38

Scappoose (41)- Alix Raya 10 Hendryx 6, Mullen 4, McGuire 4, Catlow 4, Thomas 4, Keirleber 4, Kessi 3, Carnahan 2, Hoglund.

Central (38)-Mo Tapasa 11, Berry 9, S. Tapasa 7, Cutsforth 7, Lewis 2, Peters 1, Lloyd 1, Huhn, Huffman.