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Lions swim team downs Sherwood in dual match-up

St. Helens' boys win just five events, but it's enough for victory
by: John Brewington GREAT SWIM—St. Helens’ Andrew Collson turned in two phenomenal swims against Sherwood last week. He made up a body length in the last 25 yards of the 200 to down a previously unbeaten Sherwood swimmer.

There was a lot of drama at Thursday's dual swim meet between Sherwood and the St. Helens boys.

It took a valiant effort on the Lions' part to pull off the win. Several events were determined within a split second.

The Lions started the meet with a slim half-second win over Sherwood in the medley relay.

Andrew Collson came up with two great swims on the day. He won the 200 free, and then edged previously unbeaten Ryan Ax with a 53.83 in the 100 free. Collson made up a body length in the last 25 yards to win the event by four-tenths.

One event was too close to call. Devon Brady and Ax came right down to a touch in the 50 free and it was called a tie.

'They gave it a tie, that's the first time I've ever seen that,' longtime St. Helens coach Bill Rash said. 'Andrew Collson swam a great race to beat him in the 100.'

The Lions would get only one other first on the day. Luke Haresnape won the 100 breast.

While they didn't have as many firsts as they would have liked, the team did have enough seconds, thirds, and fourths to notch the win.

The St. Helens girls swam a good meet, but didn't win a lot of events. Their 200 free relay team of Emily Spears, Tori Edwards, Michaella Ziegler and Jackie Prevish took first. Prevish would add a first in the 100 breast, and Brook Hopkins in the 200 individual medley.

The Lions travel to Parkrose for district this Friday and Saturday.

'We're looking good (on the boys' side),' Rash said. 'We've never gone into district unbeaten before.'

He felt that Collson, Brady, and Will Lawrence would have shots at earning state berths. He said Collson and Brady had the times to make them favorites to qualify and that Lawrence was a competitor.

'I like our chances in the relays,' Rash added. 'We should be in the top three in all three relays.'

He said St. Helens would battle Sherwood and Parkrose for the boys' district title, while Sherwood was the heavy favorite on the girls' side.

St. Helens meet results:


Team scores: Sherwood 102, St. Helens 68

200 Medley Relay-2) St. Helens A (Brook Hopkins, Jackie Prevish, Ashley Stewart, Michaela Ziegler), 2:13.36; 4) St. Helens B, 2:29.98; 6) St. Helens C, 2:50.15. 200 Freestyle-2) Emily Spears, 2:19.18; 3) Tori Edwards, 2:21.38; 6) Kylie Stroda, 3:04.62. 200 Individual Medley-1) Brook Hopkins, 2:39.32; 3) Jojo Parkhurst, 2:45.85; 6) Tresa Stone, 3:12.21. 50 Free-2) Prevish, 1:23.01; 4) Ziegler, :31.13; 5) Lauren Chambers, :31.31. 100 Butterfly-3) Stewart, 1:14.83; 5) Jackie Widdifield, 1:23.01. 100 Free-2) Spears, 1:02.54; 5) Ziegler, 1:10.10; 6) Hanna Opdahl, 1:16.58. 500 Free-2) T. Edwards, 6:22.57; 4) Lexi Normine, 7:43.90; 6) Stroda, 8:18.29.

200 Free Relay-1) St. Helens (Spears, T. Edwards, Ziegler, Prevish), 1:57.71; 4) St. Helens B, 2:12.68; 6) St. Helens C, 2:27.08. 100 Backstroke-2) Hopkins, 1:13.96; 3) Parkhurst, 1:19.03; 4) Stewart, 1:24.06. 100 Breaststroke-1) Prevish, 1:18.55; 5) Opdahl, 1:33.53; 6) Chambers, 1:44.16. 400 Free-3) St. Helens A (Parkhurst, Hopkins, Normine, Bridget Strang), 5:02.49.


Team scores: St. Helens 94, Sherwood 78

200 Medley Relay-1) St. Helens A (Austin Sandford, Blake Mullinex, Jonathan Prevish, Will Lawrence), 1:53.38; 3) St. Helens B, 2:04.01; 4) St. Helens C, 2:15.46. 200 Free-1) Andrew Collson, 2:00.20; 3) Jared Houghtelling, 2:10.84; 4) Kienan Rae, 2:13.02. 200 IM-2) Prevish, 2:25.44; 4) Jake Widmer, 2:32.65; 5) Luke Haresnape, 2:42.14. 50 Free-1-tie) Devon Brady, :24.09; 3) Lawrence, :25.10; 5) Tyler Moss, :59.21. 500 Free-3) Brady, 5:56.54; 5) Rae, 6:07.33; 6) Zack Kessinger, 6:47.40.

200 Free Relay-2) St. Helens A (Moss, Brady, Houghtelling, Collson), 1:42.32; 3) St. Helens B, 1:49.82; 4) St. Helens C, 2:00.23. 100 Back-2) Lawrence, 1:05.51; 3) Sandford, 1:06.64; 5) Dillon Swatski, 1:14.56. 100 Breast-1) Haresnape, 2) Jacob Zartman, 1:12.06; 4) Mullinex, 1:14.53. 400 Free-2) St. Helens A (Sandford, Brady, Lawrence, Collson), 3:42.58; 3) St. Helens B, 4:12.71; 5) St. Helens C, 4:27.89.