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Racing finally got underway at River City Speedway after rain cancelled the original start date, kicking off the 2014 season

by: JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD - Modified division points leader Jake VanOrtwick rounds turn two ahead of Jeremy Martin during the season opener on Saturday evening. Martin also trails in the points standings, but only by a slim margin.

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If there's one thing fans in attendance of the races at River City Speedway have come to expect, it's veteran Bud Russell's steady dominance in the sportsman division. Russell has won the last two sportsman division titles, and after the first week of action, is on his way to a third.

Russell emerged as the points leader in the division with 118 with the fast time and a victory on Saturday, edging out fellow veteran and association president Dan Smith in the A main race to decide the sportsman winner for the weekend.

In the modified division, Jake VanOrtwick jumped out to an early lead, taking the trophy dash and the win on the first weekend of the season. Last years' runner up, Cody Smith, finished fourth in his heat and eighth in the main race.

The Pacific Mini-Sprints saw Greg Lane, who finished in second behind rookie Josh Pinkowsky, sweep the division with the trophy dash, fast time and a win in the main event, taking a lead in the points in the No. 9 car over Dan Beck.

Awash with four rookies, the 4-Cylinder division was a toss up. Matt Brown won the main race, but finished third in his respective heat. Rookie Jonathan West, who competed in the Tracer division last season, set the fast time at 18:048 but didn't win the trophy dash, coming in fourth behind Crystal Flath, Brown and Corrine Flath.

The Tracer division had a close race as well. Kyliee Dorie, last years' champion, won the fast time, the dash and her heat, but finished in second behind rookie driver Dillon Mathieu, who holds a one-point lead in the standings.

Scott Dorie grabbed a six-point edge in the Dwarf Division standings after the first weekend, holding off Jess Turner in the main race. Gary Brogan, a rookie in the No. 81 car, won the trophy dash and Joe Eaton set the fast time of 14:59.

The Street Stock division, which finished in a tie between Cody Smith and Todd Newton last year, saw Justin and Scott McMullin jump in and sweep the top two spots in the standings with 120 and 108 points, respectively. Cody Smith has 99 points for third.

Races will pick back up once again on May 31 with races in all six divisions. Time trials begin at 2:30, with races starting at 5 p.m.


Sportsman Division

Fast Time: 15:378 Bud Russell

Dash-1.Ray Elwess 2. Bud Russell 3. Clyde White 4. Bob Berg

1st Heat-1. Kyle Frelich 2. Dan Sheller 3. Steven Schreiner 4. Jeff Titus 5. Bill Montgomery 6. Ric Fors 7. Robert Chapin. 2nd Heat-1. Sean Fox 2. Brad Beehler 3. Dan Fox 4. Joel Beehler 5. Scott Wells 6. Devon Reed 7. Kristi Somers 3rd Heat-1. Dan Smith 2. Eric Lindquist 3. Ray Elwess 4. Clyde White 5. Bud Russell 6. Bob Berg. B Main-1. Sean Fox 2. Brad Beehler 3. Kristi Somers 4. Kyle Frelich 5. Jeff Titus 6. Dan Sheller 7. Ric Fors 8. Bill Montgomery 9. Robert Chapin 10. Steven Schreiner. A Main-1. Bud Russell 2. Dan Smith 3. Joel Beehler 4. Dan Fox 5. Sean Fox 6. Brad Beehler 7. Scott Wells 8.Clyde White 9. Kyle Frelich 10. Eric Lindquist 11. Bob Berg 12. Kristi Somers 13. Ray Elwess.

Modified Division

Fast Time: 14:192 Jeremy Martin

Dash- 1. Jake VanOrtwick 2. Ron Greer 3. Cody Jones 4. Jeremy Martin. 1st Heat- 1. Chris Quinn 2. Don West 3. Curtis Zelmer 4. Cody Smith 5. Brian Blasier 2nd heat- 1. Jeremy Martin 2. Ron Greer 3. Jake VanOrtwick 4. Cody Jones. Main- 1. Jake VanOrtwick 2. Jeremy Martin 3. Chris Quinn 4. Don West 5. Brian Blasier 6. Curtis Zelmer 7. Ron Greer 8. Cody Smith 9. Cody Jones.

Street Stock Division

Fast Time: 16:50 Justin McMullen

Dash-1. Scott McMullen 2. Justin McMullen 3. Bobby Morley 4. Ryan White. 1st Heat 1. Gary Kordosky 2. Ron Dodge 3. Curt Zelmer 4. Greg Brumbaugh. 2nd Heat- Scott McMullen 2. Cody Smith 3. Justin McMullen 4. Ryan White 5. Bobby Morley. Main-1. Justin McMullen 2. Scott McMullen 3. Cody Smith 4. Ryan White 5. Ron Dodge 6. Curt Zelmer 7. Gary Kordosky 8. Greg Brumbaugh 9. Bobby Morley.

4-Cylinder Division

Fast Time: 18:048 Jonathan West

Dash-1. Crystal Flath 2. Matt Brown 3. Corrine Flath 4. Jonathan West. Heat-1. Crystal Flath 2. Corrine Flath 3. Matt Brown 4. Doug Pirtle 5. Tiffany Berg 6. TJ Wegner 7. Jonathan West 8. Marty Liesegang. Main-1. Matt Brown 2. TJ Wegner 3. Jonathan West 4. Doug Pirtle 5. Tiffany Berg 6. Crystal Flath 7. Corrine Flath.

Dwarf Car Division

Fast time: 14:59 Joe Eaton

Dash-1. Gary Brogan 2. Joe Eaton 3. Leo Ward. 1. Jess Turner 2. Brandon Ross 3. Leo Ward 4. Scott Dorie 5. Joe Eaton 6. Clay Goban 7. Gary Brogan. Main- 1. Scott Dorie 2. Jess Turner 3. Gary Brogan 4. Brandon Ross 5. Joe Eaton 6. Clay Goban 7. Leo Ward.

Pacific Mini-Sprint Division

Fast Time: 12:645 Greg Lane

Dash-1. Greg Lane 2. Duane Beecher 3. Dan Beck 4. Mike Opoka, Sr. Heat-1. Greg Lane 2. Mike Opoka Sr. 3. Duane Beecher 4. Kalista Ross 5. Dan Beck 6. Bret Lane. Main-1. Greg Lane 2. Dan Beck 3. Duane Beecher 4. Mike Opoka Sr. 5. Bret Lane 6. Kalista Ross.

Tracer Division

Fast Time: 16:65 Kylee Dorie

Dash-1. Kylee Dorie 2. Dillon Mathieu 3. Baleigh O’Conner. Heat-1. Kylee Dorie 2. Dillon Mathieu 3. Baleigh O’Connor. Main-1. Dillon Mathieu 2. Kylee Dorie 3. Baleigh O”Connor.

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