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Ball games are cancelled or backed up as getting some fields ready for play awaits dryer weather
by: John Brewington A LITTLE WET—The Scappoose High ball field looked a little more conducive to swimming laps than playing baseball on Friday. Coach Robert Medley said draining the wet outfield is the biggest problem facing the Tribe.

March weather locally was not very conducive to playing baseball or softball and teams are now scrambling to try and catch-up.

March rainfall was the heaviest ever measured at the Portland Airport-7.89 inches. It broke the 1957 record by .36 of an inch. It was over an inch more that last years then fifth heaviest 6.43. Local totals were not readily available but many feel it was even wetter around St. Helens-Scappoose.

It seemed at times like it just wouldn't quite raining.

The wet weather made playing ball almost impossible, unless you could find an all-weather artificial turf field. The problem was that everyone was looking for an all-weather place to play, even in the rain.

The local varsity baseball fields at St. Helens and Scappoose High Schools still are suffering from all the dampness. Coaches grumble and say they could get their infields ready, but know the outfielders will sink ankle deep in the super-saturated sod. Both St. Helens and Scappoose need a few days of semi-decent weather to be able to play on them.

Softball fields have equally been as wet, but both Scappoose and St. Helens have fields that firm up fairly quickly with a break in the weather. Both infields can be made ready to play within a few hours.

Schedules have become a day-to-day thing, with more games being cancelled than being played. The good news is that most of the games are non-league games. However, St. Helens baseball has fallen behind three league games. If the wet weather pattern continues, Saturday and even Sunday doubleheaders may be played to make-up missed league games.

There were some games played last week during spring break. The Scappoose baseball team was able to go to Ontario and then Baker for five games total. They still haven't played a home game. St. Helens has played one game, switching the site from St. Helens to Newberg, but also has yet to play a home game. Their spring break games at Milwaukie last Friday were cancelled.

The St. Helens Lady Lions did get in a softball game at home, besting Cleveland, and then played four games at the Hoodview complex, winning three games and tying another. They had a game scheduled with Grant at Delta Park on Monday, but the game could be moved to St. Helens. They had another home game on Tuesday (weather permitting) with North Salem. They host Sandy in their first league game this Friday.

Scappoose's softball team was off to Rainier on Monday to play a game, moving the game up a day to get ahead of predicted rain on Tuesday. Head Coach Dean Smith was out dragging the varsity field in the morning hours Monday for the jayvee game.

The weather forecast is for some dryer weather Friday through Sunday, so some make-up games could be played.

Game forecast:

St. Helens baseball - travelled to Sandy (a switch) on Monday for a make-up, hosts Rex Putnam Tuesday, at Putnam Wednesday, and hosts Putnam Friday. Site will depend on weather and field readiness.

Scappoose baseball - slated to host Astoria on Tuesday and travel to Astoria Friday. Prospects were not good at either site. Predicted wet weather Tuesday-Thursday could make playing either Cowapa League game unlikely. Games could be scheduled for the weekend.

St. Helens softball - St. Helens was slated to play Grant on Monday at Delta Park. That game could be moved to St. Helens. They were to host North Salem on Tuesday and Sandy on Friday. The North Salem game was iffy, but with dryer weather Friday the Sandy game could be on.

Scappoose softball - travelled to Rainier on Monday-the game was moved up from Tuesday. They are at Astoria this coming Tuesday.