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My own resurrection seemed to fall in synch with Easter Sunday. I came down with something the previous Monday evening and with the exception of a couple ventures out, just couldn't shake the flu/virus/cold or whatever it was.

The whole thing was a bit unnerving. I rarely miss work for illness, but I was basically out almost all of the last four days of the week. I never ate much and it turns out juice is not very good for dehydration. The 'advice nurse' recommends Gatorade. I must be 2-3 gallons into it by now.

Good news: I lost 15 pounds. Bad news: now I have to hold my pants up unless I want to look in style with my underwear revealed. I've never quite gotten the style. It all looks like hand-me-downs from Uncle Jabba who never leaves the living room. A new belt is in order.

Sunday, though, I started to feel better and ate a nice brunch with my wife and daughters. I would have a snack later, and even dinner. Still weak, I hit bed early and by Monday managed to go back to work.

I've gotten a few major stories done for this week, but still have a number of things to do and stories to write before deadline. This week, I'll find out how far I can push the deadline and how fast I can type. Everything may not get in and it may not be perfect, but I'm giving it a shot.

A few interesting developments last week: First, the rain cleared off by Thursday, fields were prepped and league games got in.

My wife took me out to the softball game on Friday and I snapped a few pictures. It started like it would soon be over as Sandy breezed to a 7-0 lead in three innings. St. Helens seemed a little flat at first. There were reasons they probably were, but they came out of it in the third, pushing five runs across. The game went to the wire. St. Helens made some late mistakes that cost them, and couldn't capitalize on their last chances.

However, the game did show something about St. Helens we haven't seen for quite awhile-tenacity and belief in themselves. It's a mostly young squad, and the youngsters are leading the way. They will get the kinks out as the weather improves and figure to be a contender in the league race. They've been playing pretty good 6A and 5A teams and either winning or sticking pretty close. Could be a good year.

The endowment game with Scappoose in St. Helens on Wednesday could be a good one too-a good test for both squads.

Monday night, starting to feel semi-normal at least, I went over to watch the Astoria-Scappoose game at the high school.

It was a classic rivalry game-both teams playing pretty well. Astoria had one of their aces on the mound, and Scappoose looks like they have a new starter to put in the rotation in Will Sprute.

Astoria is the defending champs and no doubt will contend again. However, now the Indians have taken two steps towards the league title. It's been a few years since Scappoose has won the title and this could be the year.

I was talking with Coach Robert Medley after the game about how nice it was to see them beat the defending league champs.

Medley took a little mild offense and pointed out that the Indians had won their freshman game with Lincoln, and jayvee game with Astoria. Yeah, Astoria has a good program, but he'd match his with anyone in the state for the last few years. I don't disagree at all. Scappoose does have a good program and they have a good chance to go places this year. At 7-1 on the season they're No. 1 in the OSAA power rankings. If they can stay high, they'll have a lot of home games come playoff time.

Hopefully the heavy rains are gone for now and spring sports can stay on track. I hope I can too.

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