St. Helens, Scappoose athletes bring home firsts, seconds from annual track meet
by: John Brewington WINNING VAULT—St. Helens’ Austin Sandford cleared the bar here at 12-feet, 6-inches to take first in the Lower Columbia Inviational pole vault Saturday.

With some exceptions, there weren't the dominating performances St. Helens and Scappoose athletes normally have at the Lower Columbia Invitational, but there were some pretty good efforts.

'Our athletes performed very well,' St. Helens Coach Gerry Tinkle said. 'They always get excited about Lower Columbia. The meet was a little smaller this year, so our athletes placed higher than they would have in past years, but they were good performances nonetheless.

'Some standouts were Kylie Reinholdt, the girls 4x400, Ryan Byrd, Jake Ramiskey, and Thomas Hughes. Thomas had a huge PR in the 110 hurdles.'

Reinholdt won the triple jump and the high jump, while Jillian Ross had seconds in the pole vault and the long jump. Both, along with Sydney Nett, and Nicole Harcourt were also on the third-place 4x100 relay.

Byrd took just second in the 1,500, but cut 16 seconds off his previous best time, and now has the top time (4:01.17) in the 5A ranks this year. Byrd, along with Will Lawrence, Austin Sandford, and Alex Lull, won the 4x400 relay in a fairly impressive 3:32.91. Ramiskey won the triple jump and was second in the high jump.

Also impressive was Austin Sandford, back from an injury last season. He won a jump off to take first in the pole vault. He had tied with Conner Smith of Seaside at 12-6. The cross bar went to 13-0 and both missed. It dropped down to 12-9 and again both missed. Sandford duplicated his earlier jump, while Smith missed.

Nathan Reed threw 162-5 to win the javelin.

The meet fell a little behind schedule, but was held under sunny skies, a first for track this season.

Scappoose Coach David Harley was also pleased with his athletes. He noted, 'Heather White had a great discus series and is quickly establishing herself as one of the best throwers in the league. Matt Shoun ran four great races (prelims and finals) and has positioned himself to have a great first season. Tia (Carnahan) and Charlie (Davidson) had great races and are excited to see what the next few weeks hold in store for them. Mason Foumal had a really strong all-around day as well. It is hard to believe we are at mid-April and we have only had three meets, but that is what it is.'

White won the discus and was seventh in the shot put. Sarah Davison was second in the high jump.

Davidson was second behind Sabrina Sears of Evergreen (Wash.), in the 1,500, about nine seconds behind her winning time at state last year. Carnahan was five seconds ahead of her state pace in the 3,000, but off the winning pace of the day placing second.

St. Helens, Scappoose finishes:


100-3) Jadyn Harris (Sc), 11.73; 4) Matt Shoun (Sc), 11.91; 7) Michael Herbst (Sc), 12.23. 200-4) Shoun (Sc), 23.61. 400-2) Will Lawrence (SH), 51.37; 11) Sam Padgett (Sc), 57.67; 14) Dallas Thompson (SH), 58.67. 800-3) Alex Lull (SH), 2:02.09; 5) Mychal Hortert (Sc), 2:08.17; 8) Todd Graham (Sc), 2:08.86. 1,500-2) Ryan Byrd (SH), 4:01.17; 15) Bryan Strang (SH), 4:40.53; 19) Dan Carrier (Sc), 4:43.48. 3,000-10) Micah Pletsch, 10:03.17; 16) Tyler Wills, 10:23.87; 18) David Sumsion, 10:25.89. 110 Hurdles-2) Thomas Hughes (SH), 16.38; 7) Mason Foumal (Sc), 18.35. 300 Hurdles-4) Hughes (SH), 43.30; 6) Harris (Sc), 43.70; 14) Michael Dorry, 46.60; 16) Foumal, 47.22. 4x100 Relay-St. Helens (Kyle Vandercook, Jeff Steinke, Hughes, Lawrence), 45.87. 4x400 Relay-1) St. Helens (Byrd, Lawrence, Austin Sandford, Lull), 3:32.19; 4) Scappoose (Hortert, Graham, Harris, A. J. Fazio), 3:35.57.

Shot Put-8) Pletsch (SH), 40-4.5; 15) Joshua Hughes (SH), 36-9.5; 18) Jabin Pedro (Sc), 35-2; 19) Matthew Denakis (SH), 34-11.5. Discus-3) Corey West (SH), 128-5; 5) Nathan Reed (SH), 120-2; 6) J. Hughes (SH), 118-0; 16) Kurt Reeves (Sc), 92-5; 20) Pedro (Sc), 89-0. Javelin-1) Nathan Reed (SH), 162-5; 3) Nick Dummer (SH), 148-10; 4) Pletsch (SH), 144-6; 7) Adam Flahaven (Sc), 134-6; 14) Mick Vanek (Sc), 111-2. High Jump-2) Jake Ramiskey (SH), 5-10; 4) Jared Bonney (SH), 5-8; 5) Foumal, 5-8. Pole Vault-1) Austin Sandford (SH), 12-6; 7) Mick Vanek (Sc), 9-0; 11) Levi Luttrell (SH), 8-6. Long Jump-4) Foumal (Sc), 19-0; 6) Brandon Luna (Sc), 18-1.25; T-11) Chris Gray (SH), Jared Bonney (SH), 17-1.5; 13) Dallas Thompson (SH), 17-1. Triple Jump-1) Ramiskey (SH), 41-9; 12) Carson Davison (Sc), 36-11.25; 18) Herbst (Sc) 35-6.


100-7) Johana Tull (Sc), 13.93; 10) Nicole Harcourt (SH), 14.33; 18) Sarah Hanna (SH), 14.62. 200-9) Tull (Sc), 29.16; 13) Harcourt (SH), 29.62; 16) Hanna (SH), 30.38. 400-8) Sydney Nett (SH), 1:08.22; 13) Taylor Tull (Sc), 1:10.24; 19) Isabella Williams (SH), 1:15.75. 800-2) Abby Kessi (Sc), 2:28.68; 9) Kayla Brumbles (SH), 2:39.69; 10) Kathryn Taylor (Sc), 2:42.21. 1,500-2) Charlie Davidson (Sc), 4:55.07; 12) Elise Harley (Sc), 5:32.17; 15) Sarah Carrier, 5:37.98; 17) Megan Waite (SH), 5:51.99. 3,000-2) Tia Carnahan (Sc), 11:18.77; 12) Cynthia Fenrich, 12:10.63; 18) Michaela Munger (SH), 13:51.17. 100 Hurdles-5) Alyna Habel (SH), 18.02; 19) Brittany Hortert (Sc), 19.76. 300 Hurdles-9) Habel (SH), 54.25; 11) Molly Orr (Sc), 54.98; 16) Phylicia Haigh (Sc), 57.41. 4x100 Relay-3) St. Helens (Kylie Reinholdt, Nett, Jillian Ross, Harcourt), 54.01; 5) Scappoose (Orr, T. Tull, Julia Grabhorn, J. Tull), 54.59. 4x400 Relay-3) St. Helens (Nett, Hanna, Brumbles, Waite), 4:33.71; 7) Scappoose (Orr, Haigh, T. Tull, Kessi), 4:44.07.

Shot Put-7) Heather White (Sc), 30-10.75; 9) Regan Duarte (SH), 28-2.5; 10) Sarah Landtiser (Sc), 28-1.5; 11) Dana Sukau (SH), 27-2.5. Discus-1) White (Sc), 110-9; 5) Landtiser (Sc), 91-0; 7) Sukau (SH), 81-6; 10) Chelsee Rennie (SH); 79-11; 15) Jassa Gunn (Sc), 70-8. Javelin-1) Sukau (SH), 99-7; 3) Katie Nelson (Sc), 95-4; 18) Rennie (SH), 69-0. High Jump-1) Reinholdt (SH), 4-10; 2) Davison (Sc), 4-8; 3) Alyssa Holz (SH), 4-8. Pole Vault-2) Jillian Ross (SH), 7-6; 3) Carly DiPietro (Sc), 7-0; 6) Grabhorn (Sc), 7-0. Long Jump-2) Ross (SH), 14-9; 4) Haley Twilleager (SH), 14-9; 9) DiPietro (Sc), 13-4.5; 13) Grabhorn (Sc), 12-7.25. Triple Jump-1) Reinholdt SH), 34-3.5; 3) Twilleager (SH), 30-4; 4) Ross (SH), 30-1.5; 11) DiPietro (Sc), 27-9; 17).

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