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Wrestling: Scappoose updates from NW Duals Day 1

Scappoose takes fourth in Pool 2 on day one

Scappoose won the final three duals in pool competition to finish fourth in their pool, but not without fighting through a little adversity. Scappoose forfeited as many as four spots in some matches due to some early-season buildup in certain weight divisions, but still managed to assert themselves and compete in nearly every match in pool competition.

The Indians kicked off the first round of pool competition with a dominant 51-18 win over Franklin.

Ty Cooper (113), Braxton Sue (120) and Johnny Tardif (195) each pinned their respective opponents in less than 30 seconds, part of a list of five Indians who won by fall in the first round. Tyson Broadbent and Devin Ray finished up a hot streak in which Scappoose won the final six matches, including a thrilling 9-8 decision for Logan Brooks at 170 pounds.

The second dual of the day was equally as dominant, but a lack of wrestlers at 126, 145 and 152 and a clack of Clayton Dietz at 182 pounds meant the Indians were forced to move Ray, Broadbent and Tardif down a weight class and forfeit at 285 to surrender their first dual of the day.

Regardless of the loss, which saw Bend walk away after winning just two of nine contested bouts, Scappoose had yet another marvelous showing. Cooper, Alex Foumal and Ben Gadbois each won by fall, while Sue picked up a 15-3 major decision over Bend's Damarea Dunnigan. Tardif, Broadbent and Ray each won by decision.

The third round didn't go so well, as the Indians matched up agains Class 5A Hillboro and were quickly polished off 52-15. Scappoose won just three bouts, getting a 7-2 decision from Sue at 120 pounds, a win by fall from Gadbois at 160 and a win from Brooks in just 42 seconds.

TJ Cavender — the Spartans' star tight end — pinned Broadbent in the first round, followed by a win for Hillsboro's Ben Cociemba over Devin Ray at 220. The pair tustled through the first two rounds before Cociemba got a pin in the final 34 seconds.

In the fourth round of pool competition, Scappoose got off to a hot start and torched Woodburn 57-18. Four Indians pinned their opponents in less than a minute. Foumal pinned Jose Martinez-Cruz in just 50 seconds at 132 pounds, while it took just 18 seconds for Clayton Dietz to pin Sinay Corral at 182. Devin Ray, back at 285, needed only 49 seconds to pin Armando Rojas, and Braxton Sue capped things off with a win by fall over Joel Martinez in 57 seconds.

Scappoose didn't lose a single contested match, with all 18 of the Bulldogs' points coming from forfeits at 126, 145 and 152.

In the fifth round, Scappoose trailed McMinnville 21-0 just four matches in. Foumal lost a 7-3 decision and Colton Bush was pinned at 138 pounds, followed by forfeits at 145 and 152 to put the Indians in a big hole.

It was Gadbois who finally broke the streak. He hadn't lost once through the first four matches, and rode his hot streak to pin McMinnville's Alex Kiess just four seconds into the third round at 160 pounds. Clayton Dietz got a pin at 182, followed by Tardif's pin at 195 and Broadbent's win by fall late in the second round. Ray got a 9-1 major decision at 285 to give Scappoose a lead with a double forfeit at 106 and McMinnville already gifted six points with a Scappoose forfeit at 126. They needed results from both Cooper and Sue in order to complete the comeback, and both were able to deliver. Cooper won a 5-0 decision and Sue beat Aspen Nelson 12-9, helping Scappoose to hold on 34-28. McMinnville was docked two points for misconduct.

The sixth round went almost entirely the Indians' way. Cooper and Sue won back-to-back matches in dominant fashion, Foumal won a 1-0 decision over Century's Terrell Jackson and Cody Erhardt shut out his opponent for a 5-0 win. The Indians swept the heaviweights, with Tardif, Broadbent and Ray winning by decision and Tayler Heaton winning by fall in just 23 seconds.


Pool 2, Round 1

Scappoose 51, Franklin 18

106 — Maurice Senter (Franklin) win by FF

113 — Tyler Cooper (SCAP) def. Jonathon Shuler (Franklin), Fall 0:19

120 — Braxton Sue (SCAP) def. Arturo Salgado (Franklin), Fall 0:28

126 — Double Forfeit

132 — Alex Foumal (SCAP) win by FF

138 — Matthew Cardwell (Franklin) def. Colton Bush (SCAP), Fall 1:26

145 — Peter Nelson (Franklin) win by FF

152 — Double Forfeit

160 — Ben Gadbois (SCAP) win by FF

170 — Logan Brooks (SCAP), def. Navene Binder (Franklin) Dec 9-8

182 — Clayton Dietz (SCAP) win by FF

195 — Johnathan Tardif (SCAP) def. Ezekiel Powell (Franklin), Fall 0:22

220 — Tyson Broadbent (SCAP) def. WIll Reed-Dustin (Franklin), Fall 1:40

285 — Devin Ray (SCAP) def. Manuel Jaramillo (Franklin), Fall 1:07

Pool 2, Round 2

Bend 36, Scappoose 31

106 — Double Forfeit

113 — Tyler Cooper (SCAP) def. oscar Lara (BEND), Fall 1:31

120 — Braxton Sue (SCAP) def. Damarea Dunnigan (BEND), Maj 15-3

126 — Maitiu Millar-Sanchez (BEND) win by FF

132 — Alex Foumal (SCAP) def. Raul Sanchez (BEND), Fall 4:34

138 — Sage Farnworth (BEND) def. Colton Bush (SCAP), Fall 1:48

145 — Chance Beutler (BEND) win by FF

152 — Jacob Dupuis (BEND) win by FF

160 — Ben Gadbois (SCAP) def. Manuel Ponce (BEND), Fall 2:21

170 — Justin Vinton (BEND) def. Logan Brooks (SCAP), Fall 3:50

182 — Johnathan Tardif (SCAP) def. Cade Foisset (BEND), Dec 8-4

195 — Tyson Broadbent (SCAP) def. Jordan Gentner (BEND), Dec 9-5

220 — Devin Ray (SCAP) def. Jakob Larsen (BEND), Dec 11-4

285 — Juan Gregorio (BEND) win by FF

Pool 2, Round 3

Hillsboro 52, Scappoose 15

106 — Shalev Hanamura (HILS) wins by FF

113 — Jaiven Rodriguez (HILS) def. Tyler Cooper (SCAP) Maj 13-3

120 — Braxton Sue (SCAP) def. Peyton Bell (HILS) Dec 7-2

126 — Jose Valero (HILS) wins by FF

132 — Matt Peterson (HILS) def. Alex Foumal (SCAP) Dec 8-6

138 — Eddie Kalamau III (HILS) def. Colton Bush (SCAP) Fall 2:42

145 — Double Forfeit

152 — Gabe Schade (HILS) wins by FF

160 — Ben Gadbois (SCAP) def. Jarred Eichstadt (HILS) Fall 2:41

170 — Logan Brooks (SCAP) def. Dylan Frasier (HILS) Fall 0:42

182 — Hunter Morse (HILS) def. Johnathan Tardif (SCAP) Dec 4-2

195 — TJ Cavender (HILS) def. Tyson Broadbent (SCAP) Fall 1:22

220 — Ben Kociemba (HILS) def. Devin Ray (SCAP) Fall 5:26

285 — Nicholas Beede (HILS) wins by FF

Pool 2, Round 4

Scappoose 57, Woodburn 18

126 — Eddie Bravo (WOOD) win by FF

132 — Alex Foumal (SCAP) def. Jose Martinez-Cruz (WOOD) Fall 0:50

138 — Colton Bush (SCAP) def. Rex Ramirez (WOOD) Dec 13-7

145 — Rafael Vasquez (WOOD) win by FF

152 — Jesus Hernandez (WOOD) win by FF

160 — Ben Gadbois (SCAP) def. Christopher Serrano (WOOD) Fall 3:11

170 — Logan Brooks (SCAP) def. Ricardo Rojas (WOOD) Fall 1:42

182 — Clayton Dietz (SCAP) def. Sinay Corral (WOOD) Fall 0:18

195 — Johnathan Tardif (SCAP) def. Jacob Shepherd (WOOD) Fall 2:43

220 — Tyson Broadbent (SCAP) def. Carlos Lazaro (WOOD) Fall 1:13

285 — Devin Ray (SCAP) def. Armando Rojas (WOOD) Fall 0:49

106 — Double Forfeit

113 — Tyler Cooper (SCAP) win by FF

120 — Braxton Sue (SCAP) def. Joel Martinez (WOOD) Fall 0:57

Pool 2, Round 5

Scappoose 34, McMinnville 28

132 — Steven Weant (MCMN) def. Alex Foumal (SCAP) Dec 7-3

138 — Max Morton (MCMN) def. Colton Bush (SCAP) Fall 3:41

145 — Manny Humlie (MCMN) win by FF

152 — Bobby Crowston (MCMN) win by FF

160 — Ben Gadbois (SCAP) def. Alex Kiess (MCMN) Fall 4:05

170 — Josh Blanchard (MCMN) def. Logan Brooks (SCAP) Dec 3-2

182 — Clayton Dietz (SCAP) def. Mike Freeman (MCMN) Fall 2:10

195 — Johnathan Tardif (SCAP) def. Brian Barnes (MCMN) Fall 2:42

220 — Tyson Broadbent (SCAP) def. Jacob Potter (MCMN) Fall 3:46

285 — Devin Ray (SCAP) def. Talon Mishler (MCMN) Maj 9-1

106 — Double Forfeit

113 — Tyler Cooper (SCAP) def. Alvaro Flores (MCMN) Dec 5-0

120 — Braxton Sue (SCAP) def. Aspen Nelson (MCMN) Dec 12-9

126 — Chance Atkinson (MCMN) win by FF

McMinnville's team score was adjusted by -2 for misconduct

Pool 2, Round 6

Scappoose 37, Century 21

106 — Double Forfeit

113 — Tyler Cooper (SCAP) def. Richard Monterroso (Century) Fall 1:52

120 — Braxton Sue (SCAP) def. Eduardo Baltazar (Century) Maj 19-6

126 — Blake Stiefel (Century) win by FF

132 — Brennan Baccay (Century) def. Colton Bush (SCAP) Fall 3:48

138 — Alex Foumal (SCAP) def. Terrell Jackson (Century) Dec 1-0

145 — Ty Simko (Century) win by FF

152 — Cody Erhardt (SCAP) def. Guillermo Cruz (Century) Dec 5-0

160 — Ben Gadbois (SCAP) win by FF

170 — Dylan Hansen (Century) def. Logan Brooks (SCAP) Dec 8-5

182 — Johnathan Tardif (SCAP) def. Jamarcus Grant (Century) Dec 7-3

195 — Tyson Broadbent (SCAP) def. Jacob Garibaldo (Century) Dec 7-2

220 — Devin Ray (SCAP) def. Andrew Horton (Century) Dec 9-2

285 — Tayler Heaton (SCAP) def. Stetson Jones (Century) Fall 0:23