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Girls soccer: Scappoose advances past Henley to final four

Scappoose got three first-half goals and cruised to a 3-2 victory over Henley

Photo Credit: JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD - Natalie Muth (center) is mobbed by teammates after scoring the Indians' first goal of the first half to put Scappoose up 1-0 on Henley.If the Indians had it their way, they would rather do without the final 10 minutes of their quarterfinal match with Henley.

Scappoose scored three goals in the first half and cruised to a win over the Hornets, but allowed two goals in the waning moments of the match and gave Henley a fighting chance.

The first was a bit of a fluke. Henley, who had taken to simply firing shots from outside the penalty area rather than attempt to break down the Indians' back line, pushed forward and found the foot of Mackenzie Virtue, who sent the ball into the hands of freshman goalkeeper Alyssa Bakkensen for a save — or so it seemed.

As the Henley girls jogged back and waited for the Indian clearance, the linesman waved his flag, signaling that Bakkensen had stepped across the goal line after making the save. Henley was credited with an odd score, but still trailed by two goals.

That is, until Hanna Haines slotted one home in the 75th minute to pull Henley within a goal of the defending champions, but that's as much gas as the visiting Hornets could afford to expend before making the 290 mile drive home.

A brace from Natalie Muth and a single strike from Lucy Davidson were just enough for the Indians to hold for the third consecutive season.

Head coach Nicholas Heffernan said he was particularly impressed with the first goal from Muth, which came in the 15th minute on a beautiful through ball from Davidson for an easy score.

“Lucy had a through ball, and she had a gap so small and she just slotted it home,” Heffernan said. “Second goal with Lucy, Lauren just did a little through ball with so many people around her.”

The Indians had eight through passes for a chance at the Henley goal, which Heffernan said was the best the team had done all year long. It's been a focus over the last few training sessions, and were it not for the defense frustrating Eleanor Jones up front with an extra man marker, Scappoose might have walked away with eight goals.

While the first two scores came off beautiful feeds, the third was all Muth. Just before halftime, Muth charged into the Hornets' penalty area, cut back on her defender and fired while still spinning around. As she fell to the ground, the ball floated above the Henley keeper and nestled into the top right corner of the net to give Scappoose a three-goal lead. Muth said she couldn't really recall the specifics, but for everyone watching from the sideline including Heffernan, assistant Amanda Darlak and the cluster of youth players waiting for stray passes, it was a done deal as soon as it came off her foot.

“All the goals were actually really, really good but that — as soon as she hit it, I knew it was a goal,” Heffernan said. “Darlak knew it was a goal — she just hit it so sweetly.”

The big lead early on and tough, physical play throughout the match has Heffernan riding high heading into next week's semifinal match, in which Scappoose will take on Cascade for a chance at the title game for the second consecutive season. Even with the two goals from Henley, which pushes the opponent total for the season to eight, Heffernan said it didn't change his takeaway from the match.

“I still see it as a 3-0 game to be honest, in my head, just because of the way that we played,” he said. “And if [Henley] came out in the second half with the same mentality they did the first half, like I said to the girls, we would have got four, five, six. They dropped off because they were getting tired, which means we were just kind of relaxed.”

No. 7 Cascade, who reaches the semifinal match with Scappoose after topping Banks 2-1, should prove to be a more difficult challenge for the Tribe defense. The Cougars have scored 70 goals this season, and are among the state leaders on offense.

Time and place for Tuesday's match have yet to be announced, but will be posted when the information is made available.


OSAA Quarterfinal

La Salle High School, Milwaukie

No. 3 Scappoose 3, Henley 2

HENL 0 2 — 2

SCAP 3 0 — 3


SCAP — Natalie Muth (Lucy Davidson), 15'

SCAP — L. Davidson (Lauren Frank), 29'

SCAP — N. Muth (Unassisted), 39'

HENL — Own goal, 71'

HENL — Hanna Haines, 75'