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Tyson Broadbent wins 195-pound title at Ranger Classic

Indians finish fifth in 14-team tournament

COURTESY PHOTO: DAVID BALL - Tyson Broadbent won the 195-pound championship at the Ranger Classic on Saturday, Dec. 5, in Estacada.Tyson Broadbent opened his senior season with the 195-pound championship at the Ranger Classic on Saturday, Dec. 5, in Estacada.

Sandy, which took third at the OSAA Class 5A State Championships last year, won Saturday's 14-team tournament with 207 points. The Indians (112 points) were fifth.

"We have four returning wrestlers [Broadbent, Cody Erhardt, Braxton Sue and Tyler Cooper] with state experience, two of which [Broadbent and Sue] are looking to place for their third straight year," Scappoose coach Nick Byrd said. "While this is a younger group as a whole, we also have some top-level wrestlers in the room."

Scappoose was fourth at the Class 4A State Championships with 121.5 points last season, where Broadbent was fourth at 195 pounds and Sue was fifth at 120 pounds.

Broadbent, first in the oregonwrestler.com preseason ranks, claimed the title on Saturday with a pin of Washougal (Wash.) senior Ruben Aguilar in 3:10.

Sue, ranked third, took second at 138 after ceding a 6-3 decision to Sandy senior Zachary Wigzell.

Erhardt, ranked tied for sixth, took second at 170 after losing a 5-2 decision to Churchill senior Justin Kearney.

Zeddy Jamerson finished fourth at 182 after yielding a 10-0 major decision to Banks senior Brock Smith.

Jhamante Woods was fifth at 220 after he and Astoria senior Tristen Osborne accepted double forfeits.

Jack Eggers took sixth at 152 after falling to Washougal junior John Gable in 3:16.

The Indians rank eighth in oregonwrestler.com's OSAA Class 4A preseason rankings.

"Our group is very growth oriented and is looking to improve every week," Byrd said. "They understand that it takes a lot of hard work in order to achieve at a high level, and we have a core group that is motivated and putting in the work needed. This group has bought in to Scappoose wrestling and truly embodies what is means to be part of the wrestling community in Scappoose. The main goal of this team is to wrestle our best at the regional and state tournament."

Oregonwrestler.com OSAA Class 4A preseason ranks

113 - Tyler Cooper fifth

132 - Braxton Sue third

160 - Cody Erhardt t-sixth

195 - Tyson Broadbent first


1. Marshfield 191

2. Crook County 164

3. Henley 149

4. Tillamook 100

5. Sweet Home 97

6. McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen/Griswold

Ranger Classic results


Round 1 - Caleb Brotnov (Estacada) over Braydon Merrow-Hansen (Scappoose) (Fall 3:30)

Consolation Round 1 - Braydon Merrow-Hansen (Scappoose) received a bye

Consolation Round 2 - Dylan Miller (Sandy) over Braydon Merrow-Hansen (Scappoose) (Fall 1:10)


Round 1 - Dylan Kiemele (Washougal) over Evan Miller (Scappoose) (Fall 4:14)

Consolation Round 1 - Evan Miller (Scappoose) received a bye

Consolation Round 2 - Dakoata Lutje (Churchill) over Evan Miller (Scappoose) (MD 12-0)


Round 1 - Braxton Sue (Scappoose) over Zackery Gordon (Molalla) (Fall 1:30)

Quarterfinals - Braxton Sue (Scappoose) over Tanner Thompson (Banks) (Fall 1:14)

Semifinals - Braxton Sue (Scappoose) over Riley Chester (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) (Fall 1:14)

1st Place Match - Zachary Wigzell (Sandy) over Braxton Sue (Scappoose) (Dec 6-3)

Consolation Round 3 - Brian Sheppard (Warrenton) vs. Steven Hensley (Scappoose)


Round 1 - Ryan Mount (Molalla) over Brandon Goodnight (Scappoose) (Fall 5:08)

Consolation Round 1 - Micheal King (Banks) over Brandon Goodnight (Scappoose) (Dec 7-1)

Consolation Round 2 - Ryan Mount (Molalla) over Brandon Goodnight (Scappoose) (Fall 1:08)


Round 1 - Jack Eggers (Scappoose) received a bye

Quarterfinals - John Gable (Washougal) over Jack Eggers (Scappoose) (Fall 5:11)

Consolation Round 2 - Jack Eggers (Scappoose) over Joseph Reed (Colton) (Fall 3:12)

Consolation Round 3 - Jack Eggers (Scappoose) over Wyatt Riedel (Estacada) (Fall 1:51)

Consolation semifinals - Draco Yandell (Estacada) over Jack Eggers (Scappoose) (Fall 3:49)

5th Place Match - John Gable (Washougal) over Jack Eggers (Scappoose) (Fall 3:16)


Round 1 - Jacob Sakrison (Heritage) over Zach Hanson (Scappoose) (Dec 7-4)

Consolation Round 1 - Zach Hanson (Scappoose) received a bye

Consolation Round 2 - Elijah Livingston (La Grande) over Zach Hanson (Scappoose) (Fall 1:59)


Round 1 - Cody Erhardt (Scappoose) over Andrew Mervyn (Estacada) (Fall 1:30)

Quarterfinals - Cody Erhardt (Scappoose) over Jack Rademacher (Sandy) (Dec 7-5)

Semifinals - Cody Erhardt (Scappoose) over Trask Epling (Banks) (Fall 5:30)

1st Place Match - Justin Kearney (Churchill) over Cody Erhardt (Scappoose) (Dec 5-2)


Round 1 - Zeddy Jamerson (Scappoose) over Brock Smith (Banks) (Fall 5:44)

Quarterfinals - Omar Ornelas (McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen/Griswold) over Zeddy Jamerson (Scappoose) (Fall 1:16)

Consolation Round 2 - Zeddy Jamerson (Scappoose) received a bye

Consolation Round 3 - Zeddy Jamerson (Scappoose) over Brandyn Chaney (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) (Fall 4:36)

Consolation semifinals - Zeddy Jamerson (Scappoose) over Hayden Klimas (Heritage) (Fall 4:43)

3rd Place Match - Brock Smith (Banks) over Zeddy Jamerson (Scappoose) (MD 10-0)


Round 1 - Tyson Broadbent (Scappoose) over Brendan Dreyer (Banks) (Fall 0:43)

Quarterfinals - Tyson Broadbent (Scappoose) over Kenny Clark (Estacada) (Fall 1:21)

Semifinals - Tyson Broadbent (Scappoose) over Garrett Mason (Heritage) (Fall 5:35)

1st Place Match - Tyson Broadbent (Scappoose) over Ruben Aguilar (Washougal) (Fall 3:10)


Round 1 - Jhamante Woods (Scappoose) over Emrakh Chakhalidze (Heritage) (Fall 3:31)

Quarterfinals - Jhamante Woods (Scappoose) over Spencer Wells (McLoughlin/ Weston-McEwen/Griswold) (Dec 9-4)

Semifinals - Nicholas Ledbury (Estacada) over Jhamante Woods (Scappoose) (Fall 0:40)

Cons. Semis - Bronson Holthusen (Astoria) over Jhamante Woods (Scappoose) (Inj. [time])

5th Place Match - Double Forfeit

Team Scores

1. Sandy 207.0

2. Churchill 156.0

3. Washougal 131.5

4. Banks 131.0

5. Scappoose 112.0

6. McLoughlin/Weston-McEwen 111.0

7. Estacada 100.0

8. La Grande 89.0

9. Heritage 86.0

10. Astoria 83.0

11. Molalla 46.0

12. Warrenton 39.0

13. LaCenter 36.0

14. Colton 3.0

- - - - - - - - - - -

Scappoose Indians

Coach: Nick Byrd (first year)

Conference: Class 4A, Cowapa League

Returning state qualifiers:

Tyson Broadbent, sr.

Cody Erhardt, sr.

Braxton Sue, sr.

Tyler Cooper, jr.


Brandon Goodnight, sr.

Zachary Hanson, sr.

Colton Bush, jr.

Skyler Bhagat, so.

Isaac Cook, so.

Jack Eggers, so.

Zeddy Jamerson, so.

Jimmy Jones, so.

Evan Miller, so.

Garrett Wood, so.

Jhamante Woods, so.


Spencer Goodrich, jr.

Alex Hansen, so.

Maxwell Amaro, fr.

Dallas Cannon, fr.

Bret Couch, fr.

Stephen Hanson, fr.

Steven Hensley, fr.

Blake Johnston, fr.

Braydon Merrow-Hansen, fr.

Brendyn Nollette, fr.

Austin Norgaard, fr.

Ethan Paschall, fr.

Bryan Villada-Millan, fr.

Rick Wiser, fr.


Dec. 5 at Ranger Classic, Estacada

Dec. 9 at South Albany, Sandy, 5:30 p.m., at Wilsonville High School

Dec. 11 at Muilenburg tournament, 4 p.m.

Dec. 12 at Muilenburg tournament, 9 a.m.

Dec. 19 at Molalla tournament

Jan. 2 vs. Astoria

Jan. 7 at Banks, 7 p.m.

Jan. 8 at Pac-Rim tournament, 4 p.m., Seaside High School

Jan. 9 at Pac-Rim tournament, Seaside High School

Jan. 13 at Astoria/Seaside, 7 p.m., Astoria High School

Jan. 15 at Oregon Wrestling Classic

Jan. 16 at Oregon Wrestling Classic

Jan. 27 vs. Tillamook, 7 p.m.

Jan. 29 at Reser Tournament

Jan. 30 at Reser Tournament

Feb. 13 District tournament, 10 a.m., Scappoose

Feb. 19 at Regionals, at Crook County High School, Prineville

Feb. 20 at Regionals, at Crook County High School, Prineville

Feb. 26 at OSAA Class 4A State Championships

Feb. 27 at OSAA Class 4A State Championships