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Rofinot Heating, Pacific Athletic Club lead St. Helens mens' golf in Week 8

     -      The St. Helens Men’s Club entered the eighth week of its summer golf league May 23-24 at Wildwood Golf Course in Portland.

Each team can win up to eight points per night with a sweep of the competition.

The teams will resume play on Monday and Tuesday as they took this week off in observance of Memorial Day Week.

Standings through Week 8 are as follows:


41.5 Rofinot Heating

38.5 Shankapotamus

38 Armstrong

33.5 The Mower Shed

29.5 Grocery Outlet

27.5 Paulson's Printing

26.5 Pacificmark Construction

21 Yarbor Racing.


45 Pacific Athletic club

41.5 Macadam Liquor

39.5 Capt Morgan

30 St Helens Auto Center

24.5 Precision Engraving

Week 7


36 Rofinot Heating

35.5 Armstrong

34 Shankapotamus

29 The Mower Shed

24.5 Pacificmark Construction

24 Paulson's Printing

23.5 Grocery Outlet

17.5 Yarbor Racing


37.5 Pacific Athletic Club

33.5 Macadam Liquor

31.5 Captain Morgan

30 St. Helens Auto Center

24 Precision Engraving