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St. Helens wrestling fifth in Bruce Glenn pool at Northwest Duals

ST HELENS HIGH SCHOOL -    Injuries and holiday vacation could not slow the St. Helens High School wrestling team at the Northwest Duals on Dec. 29-30 at the Linn County Expo Center in Albany.

The Lions were fifth in the Bruce Glenn division despite a handful of forfeits per match.

"We wanted to wrestle our good guys, but we were giving up 24 points in each match, and we didn't really expect to win," St. Helens coach Joe Mauck said. "Most of the teams coming in have had a tournament [this season], and these were really our second and third matches."

Ponderosa High (Calif.) won the pool, and returning Class 5A fifth-place Dallas High was second.

Class 4A No. 7 Cascade — returning from sixth at state — was third. Class 6A West Albany and returning Class 6A sixth-place state finisher Sunset were respective fourth and sixth.

"With four guys out to injuries, and all theoretically our best wrestlers, it's tougher when we know we could have been winning," Mauck said.

The Lions continued into the Middle 16 bracket for the sake of extra matches.

Class 5A top-ranked 182-pound Myles Terry and seventh-ranked 126-pound Haydon Allen are still sidelined with football injuries.

Brandon Cupp and Zach Gadbois have shoulder ailments.

The short-handed Lions are scheduled to host Wilsonville at 7 p.m. on Thursday in St. Helens.

"It's our senior night, so we're going to get our seniors out there," Mauck said.

St. Helens will return to the Pacific Rim Tournament, where they took fourth last year, on Friday and Saturday in Seaside.

"We're going to have another couple of wrestlers — Cole Benshoff and Colton Albertson — coming back," Mauck said.

Northwest Duals

Bruce Glenn division

1. Ponderosa

2. Dallas

3. Cascade

4. West Albany

5. St. Helens

6. Sunset

Cascade 48, St. Helens 30

106: Brook Petterson, C, pinned Joseph Austin, 1:06; 113: John DeWitt, SH, pinned Devin Privratsky, 2:59; 120: Darien Fagin, C, won by forfeit; 126: Marshal Christman, C, won by forfeit; 132: Jose Silva, SH, pinned Quinn Legner, :34; 138: Michael Bowen, SH, won by forfeit; 145: Thomas LaVoie, SH, pinned Connor Kelly, 1:56; 152: Colton Beisley, SH, def. Asa Alexander, 6-2; 160: Collin Brill, C, pinned Cody Leanna, 3:23; 170: James Baxter, C, pinned Brandon Cupp, 1:50; 182: Hayes VanDeHey, C, pinned Geoff Thompson, :45; 195: James Poland, SH, def. James Vanagtmael, 6-5; 220: Louie Sanchez, C, won by forfeit; 285: Seth Everetts, C, won by forfeit.

Ponderosa 73, St. Helens 3

106: Ethan Weiner, P, pinned Joseph Austin, :18; 113: Matthew Monroe, P, def. John DeWitt, 10-4; 120: Collin Heck P, won by forfeit; 126: Wyatt Ward, P, won by forfeit; 132: Austin Ward, P, pinned Jose Silva, 4:31; 138: Zach Miller, P, def. Michael Bowen, major decision, 10-1; 145: Chad Reese, P, pinned Thomas LaVoie, :42; 152: Riley Lewullen, P, pinned Colton Beisley, 1:09; 160: Greg Tubbs, P, pinned Logan Carter, 1:14; 170: Garrett Estes, P, pinned Brandon Cupp, 1:23; 182: Kyle Richards, P, pinned Geoff Thompson, :36; 195: James Poland, SH, def. Thomas Cheney, 9-5; 220: Kyle Jennings, P, won by forfeit; 285: Zachariah Stewart, P, won by forfeit.

West Albany 54, St. Helens 15

106: Kyle Santos, WA, def. Joseph Austin, major decision, 16-4; 113: Joel Martinez, WA, def. John DeWitt, technical fall, 16-1; 120: Wyatt French, WA, won by forfeit; 126: Isaac Hart, WA, won by forfeit; 132: Sawyer Myres, WA, def. Jose Silva, 6-1; 138: Michael Bowen, SH, def. Chandler Villarreal, 10-4; 145: Kylan Moe, WA, pinned Thomas LaVoie, :59; 152: Colton Beisley, SH, def. Mitchell Sorte, 8-4; 160: Javier Perez, WA, pinned Logan Carter, :59; 170: Cody Leanna, SH, def. Wyatt Walls, 3-2; 182: Bobby Chavez, WA, pinned Geoff Thompson, 5:32; 195: James Poland, SH, pinned Noah Jackson, 2:51; 220: Justin Moller, WA, won by forfeit; 285: Jalaam Stewart, WA, won by forfeit.

Dallas 69, St. Helens 8

106: Dawson Barcroft, D, pinned Joseph Austin, :29; 113: Joseph Foster, D, pinned John DeWitt, 1:36; 120: Jesse Stuhr, D, won by forfeit; 126: Sammy Chung, D, won by forfeit; 132: Jose Silva, SH, def. Noah Sickles, 6-3; 138: Michael Bowen, SH, def. Joseph English, technical fall, 16-0; 145: Ean Woodruff, D, pinned Thomas LaVoie, 1:43; 152: Cody Janssen, D, def. Colton Beisley, 2-0; 160: Tanner Earhart, D, pinned Cody Leanna, 1:18; 170: Jeff Dunagan, D, pinned Logan Carter, 2:50; 182: Clay Coxen, D, pinned Geoff Thompson, 1:16; 195 - Honorio Colipano (Dallas) pinned James Poland (St. Helens), 2:45; 220: Bryce Jordan, D, won by forfeit; 285: Marcos Molina, D, won by forfeit.

St. Helens 40, Sunset 40 [St. Helens wins by tiebreakers]

106: Joseph Austin, SH, won by forfeit; 113: John DeWitt, SH, won by forfeit; 120: Gavin Stockwell, S, won by forfeit; 126: Zachary Morello, S, won by forfeit; 132: Jose Silva, SH, def. Ben Hartley, S, major decision, 15-5; 138: Michael Bowen, SH, pinned Sam Labianco, :33; 145: Thomas LaVoie, SH, pinned Simon Sim, 1:14; 152: Matthew Vanbrabrant, S, def. Colton Beisley, major decision, 10-0; 160: Garrett Lewis, S, pinned Logan Carter, 5:17; 170: Cody Leanna, SH, pinned Jackson Petitt, :59; 182: James Morsberger, S, pinned Geoff Thompson, 1:02; 195: James Poland, SH, pinned Kadin Williams, 1:21; 220: Scott Boyce, S, won by forfeit; 285: Jonathan Parent, S, won by forfeit.

Middle 16 Bracket

[St. Helens finished 16th]

Round 1: Bend 51, St. Helens 20

106: Tommy Gallamore, B, pinned Joseph Austin, :47; 113: John DeWitt, SH, def. James Anderson, technical fall, 18-2; 120: Peter Miller, B, won by forfeit; 126: Double forfeit; 132: Josiah Bales, B, def. Jose Silva, 9-3; 138: Michael Bowen, SH, pinned Daniel Bazan, 1:21; 145: Chance Beutler, B, pinned Thomas LaVoie, 5:42; 152: Colton Beisley, SH, def. Sage Farnworth, 8-5; 160: Haakon Kjellesvik, B, pinned Cody Leanna, 1:59; 170: Jacob Dupuis, B, pinned Logan Carter, :52; 182: Marshall Davis, B, pinned Geoff Thompson, :53; 195: James Poland, SH, won by forfeit; 220: Jason Soto, B, won by forfeit; 285: Jakob Larsen, B, won by forfeit.

Consolation Round 1: Lowell 45, St. Helens 23

106: Joseph Austin, SH, pinned Justin Corp, 1:08; 113: Symon Thurman, L, def. John DeWitt, 14-7; 120: Andrew Hinrich, L, won by forfeit; 126: Double forfeit; 132: Jose Silva, SH, def. Kasey Erwin, L, technical fall, 19-0; 138: Thomas LaVoie, SH, pinned Cody Brooks, 1:01; 145: Michael Bowen, SH, won by forfeit; 152: Justin Barton, L, def. Colton Beisley, 9-7; 160: Thomas Harvey, L, pinned Logan Carter, 3:45; 170: Hayden Trimble, L, pinned Cody Leanna, 1:19; 182: Kenny Lane, L, pinned Geoff Thompson, :44; 195: Colton Riggs, L, def. James Poland, 7-1; 220: Mahsen Asher, L, won by forfeit; 285: Thomas Ward, L, won by forfeit.

Consolation round 2: Woodburn 45, St. Helens 35

106: Marcos Hernandez, W, pinned Joseph Austin, :50; 113: John DeWitt, SH, pinned Aiden Lopez, 1:58; 120: Angel Acevedo, W, won by forfeit; 126: Daniel Vanwinkle, W, won by forfeit; 132: Jose Silva, SH, won by forfeit; 138: Thomas LaVoie, SH, won by forfeit; 145: Michael Bowen, SH, def. Rafael Vasquez, technical fall, 18-2; 152: Colton Beisley, SH, pinned Gerardo Gutierrez, 3:33; 160: Karson Christiansen, W, def. Logan Carter, 10-8; 170: Christopher Serrano, W, pinned Cody Leanna, 5:03; 182: Jacob Shepherd, W, pinned Geoff Thompson, 1:14; 195: James Poland, SH, won by forfeit; 220: Carlos Lazaro, W, won by forfeit; 285: Armando Rojas, W, won by forfeit.