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Scappoose boys' golf fourth at Class 4A state championships

Gray (ninth, 84-84—168), Mapes (t-10th, 86-85—171), Indians match last year's performance

COURTESY PHOTO: BRIAN GRAY - From left, Scappoose boys' golf coach Steve Hagen, Braxton Sue, Andrew Kercher, AJ Miltich, Jake Gray, Nathan Mapes and assistant coach Jeff Mapes celebrate the Class 4A Region 1 champion Indians' fourth-place 364-356-720 on Tuesday at Emerald Valley Golf Club in Creswell.The Class 4A Region 1 champions are right back in the Class 4A elite.

Scappoose (364-356—720) played to fourth in the state for the second year in a row on Tuesday at Emerald Valley Golf Club in Creswell.

Jake Gray led the Indians with a ninth-place 84-84—168.

“It was a kind of a rough front nine,” said Gray, a senior, who eagled on the 18th hole on Monday as Scappoose tied for fifth through the first round. “We needed to hit more fairways and get the ball in better positions off the tee, get on more greens in regulation and make more birdie putts.”

Nathan Mapes (86-85—171) tied Baker/Powder Valley senior Region 4 medalist Rylee Gassin and Sutherlin junior Matt Black for 10th.

“I think the whole field struggled,” said Mapes, a junior who tied for 10th at state last year at Quail Valley Golf Club in Banks. “[Emerald Valley is] definitely one of the harder courses we’ve ever played, but we learned a lot. Of all the places we’ve played this year, this is the most forgiving: We needed to play conservatively, and if we’re in trouble get out of trouble and keep grinding.”

Andrew Kercher (t-29, 98-92—190), AJ Miltich (t-42, 96-102—198) and Braxton Sue (t-42, 103-95—198) spurred the cause.

Crook County, the Indians’ regional runner-up, won its first team championship with a 355-348—703, a single shot better than Region 3 champion Marshfield (359-345—704).

Klamath Union, Marshfield’s regional runner-up, was third (354-362—716).

“It’s a tough golf course and the greens are faster than these guys are used to,” said Indians coach Steve Hagen, whose golfers have gone to state in each of his four years at the helm. “I’ve been to a lot of tournaments here, and I know how nasty the greens can get [with the slopes and undulations].”

Scappoose was also 13th in 2014, third in 2013 and fifth in 2012.

Mazama senior Bryce Wortman (71-72—143), the Region 3 runner-up, won the Vikings’ third individual state title after achieving the feat in 2013 and 2015.

Klamath Union sophomore Craig Ronne (75-72—147), who beat Wortman at regionals, edged Crook County junior and Region 1 medalist Mason Tibbs (72-77—149).

The Indians have yet to win a state title, but Ian Hagen tied Junction City’s Dustin DeGroot and Brandon Richardson for the Class 3A boys’ individual state title in 1999.

Class 4A state tournament



at Emerald Valley Golf Club, Creswell

Team scores

1. Crook County 355-348—703

2. Marshfield 359-345—704

3. Klamath Union 354-362—716

4. Scappoose 364-356—720

5. Valley Catholic 350-372—722

6. Baker/Powder Valley 364-359—723

7. McLoughlin 366-375—741

8. Sutherlin 385-369—754

9. Junction City 381-392—773

10. Cottage Grove 385-408—793

Top 10 individuals

1. Bryce Wortman, Mazama, 71-72—143

2. Craig Ronne, Klamath Union, 75-72—147

3. Mason Tibbs, Crook County, 72-77—149

4. Carter Lee, Tillamook, 77-78—155

5. Trey Wortman, Mazama, 79-80—159

6. Aaron Richardson, Seaside, 81-79—160

7. Kasey Banks, Marshfield, 82-79—161

8. Cabe Goehring, Crook County, 84-83—167

9. Jake Gray, Scappoose, 84-84—168

t-10. Nathan Mapes, Scappoose, 86-85—171

t-10. Rylee Gassin, Baker/Powder Valley, 87-84—171

t-10. Matt Black, Sutherlin, 88-83—171

Scappoose scores

Jake Gray, 84-84—168; Nathan Mapes, 86-85—171; Andrew Kercher, 98-92—190; AJ Miltich, 96-102—198; Braxton Sue, 103-95—198