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Wheeler sets Northwest breakaway roping record

Seven Indians, seven Lions qualify for state meet

Scappoose’s Blain Wheeler is the new all-time Oregon High School Equestrian Team Northwest District breakaway roping champion.

Wheeler won the gold medal in 2.904 seconds at the third Northwest meet on April 7-10 at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville.

The state record is 2.28 seconds.

Seven Indians and St. Helens contenders qualified for the state meet, to which all medalists advance based on performance across three meets, set for May 12-15 at the Deschutes County Expo Center in Redmond.

Wheeler also took silver in steer daubing.

Kallie Trask won the gold in working rancher, received the silver medal in reining and qualified in barrels.

Kaitlin Davis won the gold medal in barrels and also qualified in keyhole.

Erin Baker silvered in saddle seat equitation.

The two-man birangle ‘C’ team of Davis and Kylie MacLachlan silvered.

The freestyle 6+ ‘A’ team of Chasity Cuthair, Karly Moore, Hayley Nehls, Lily Dreyer, Jessica Bartolomucci, Rhiannon Chirilla, MaryJane McLaughlin, Brooklynn Scheer and Courtney Rasczewski won silver.

Kelsy Heller bronzed in steer daubing and qualified in individual flags.

The Canadian flag race ‘A’ team of Davis, Heller, Wheeler and Jordan Tull bronzed.

For St. Helens, William Chalk won gold in steer daubing and took bronze in breakaway roping.

Melissa Crippen silvered in barrels, bronzed in keyhole and qualified in figure 8.

Rhiannon Chirilla bronzed in steer daubing.

Jessica Bartolomucci qualified in barrels, as did Lily Dreyer in pole bending and Chalk and Crippen in the two-man birangle.

Forest Grove won the meet with 671 points, Scappoose (480 points) was second and St. Helens (404 points) was third.

Northwest District meet

Scappoose and

St. Helens results


4. Kallie Trask, S, 66

Saddle seat equitation

3. Erin Baker, S, 63

Working rancher

1. Kallie Trask, S, 79

4. Courtney Rasczewski, SH, 67


1. Kaitlin Davis, S, 14.939

2. Hailey Garrison, S, 14.949

4. Melissa Crippen, SH, 15.161


5. Kallie Trask, S, 8.141

Figure 8

2. Hailey Garrison, S, 11.006

4. Melissa Crippen, SH, 11.157

Pole bending

1. Melissa Crippen, SH, 21.585

Individual flags

2. Kelsy Heller, S, 9.593

3. Hailey Garrison, S, 9.624

4. Haylee Hopkins, S, 9.942

Breakway roping

1. Blain Wheeler, S, 6.184

Steer daubing

2. William Chalk, SH, 4.283

3. Kelsy Heller, S, 5.019

5. Blain Wheeler, S, 12.43

Working pairs

5. Scappoose ‘B’, Kaitlin Davis, Kallie Trask, 66.5

Canadian flag race

1. St. Helens ‘A’, William Chalk, Jessica Bartolomucci, Brooklynn Scheer, Melissa Crippen, 37.764

Two-man birangle

1. St. Helens ‘A’, William Chalk, Melissa Crippen, 26.02

3. Scappoose ‘C’, Kaitlin Davis, Kylie MacLachlan, 26.252

Freestyle 6+

1. St. Helens ‘A’, Chasity Cuthair, Karly Moore, Hayley Nehls, Lily Dreyer, Jessica Bartolomucci, Rhiannon Chirilla, MaryJane McLaughlin, Brooklynn Scheer, Courtney Rasczewski, 956

4. Scappoose ‘A’, Haylee Hopkins, Erin Baker, Kaitlin Davis, Kelsy Heller, Hailey Garrison, Kylie MacLachlan, Kallie Trask, Azaya Holmes, Cricket Holmes, Lillie Grau, Gracie Krauter, Aurora Stanley, Jordan Tull, 783

Team penning

4. Scappoose ‘C’, Erin Baker, Azaya Holmes, Lillie Grau, three pens, seven cows, 204.04

Large school scores

1. Forest Grove 671

2. Scappoose 480

3. St. Helens 404