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Indians' Wheeler wins state steer daubing championship

Scappoose comes away 19th, St. Helens comes up 25th

    -     Blain Wheeler is Scappoose's state steer daubing champion.

Wheeler's 3.121 seconds atop Lace, a quarter horse, won the event, in which a rider attempts to pull up next to a steer and place a mark of paint inside a circle on its side, at the Oregon High School Equestrian Teams state meet on May 12-15 at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center in Redmond.

"It's very good for the state, for our district and for our team," Indians coach Donna Espelien said.

Wheeler, who practices year-round, also set the all-time OHSET Northwest District breakaway roping record in this year's third meet at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds in McMinnville, and took silver to St. Helens' William Chalk in Northwest District steer daubing.

Scappoose and St. Helens, both from the Northwest District, took respective 19th (59) and 25th (47) among large schools.

For the Indians, Kaitlin Davis, Kelsy Heller, Kallie Trask and Wheeler were ninth in the Canadian flag race (40.52).

St. Helens' Melissa Crippen was seventh in keyhole (7.743).

Chasity Cuthair, Karly Moore, Hayley Nehls, Lily Dreyer, Jessica Bartolomucci, Rhiannon Chirilla, MaryJane McLaughlin, Brooklynn Scheer and Courtney Rasczewski were also seventh (1,817 points) in freestyle 6+.

Rhiannon Chirilla was eighth (5.153) in steer daubing.

"State was a great experience for all of our athletes," Lions coach Kim Snook said. "It was such a pleasure to get to see the athletes compete in events that they have been working on all season long. Seeing them succeed is such a joy. As we were getting ready for state, we were encouraging athletes to continue working hard and letting them know how proud we are of all of their growth and accomplishment.

"This is quite an accomplishment for our school," Snook said. "We couldn’t be prouder."

Roseburg, last year's medium-sized team champion, won this year's large team title (303).

The North Valley District won the championship with 800 points ahead of the Willamette (762), South Valley (689) and the Northwest (651).

Wheeler qualifies for the Pacific North West Invitational, a regional championship including the top five teams and individuals from each event in Oregon and Washington set for June 18-20 in Moses Lake, Wash.

The meet was canceled last year due to an outbreak of equine influenza.

OHSET State Championships

May 12-15

at Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, Redmond

Scappoose and St. Helens results

Steer daubing

1. Blain Wheeler, S, 3.121 (Two caught)

8. Rhiannon Chirilla, SH, 5.153 (Two caught)

16. William Chalk, SH, 23.38 (Two caught)

19. Kelsy Heller, S, 2.417 (One caught)


7. Melissa Crippen, SH, 7.743

14. Kaitlin Davis, S, 8.012

Freestyle 6+

7. Chasity Cuthair, Karly Moore, Hayley Nehls, Lily Dreyer, Jessica Bartolomucci, Rhiannon Chirilla, MaryJane McLaughlin, Brooklynn Scheer, Courtney Rasczewski, SH, 1,817


Canadian flag race

9. Kaitlin Davis, Kelsy Heller, Kallie Trask, Blain Wheeler, S, 40.52

12. Kallie Trask, S, 117

Working rancher

t-12. Kallie Trask, S, 151

Saddle seat equitation

15. Erin Baker, S, 135

Two-man birangle

16. Kaitlin Davis, Kylie MacLachlan, S, 27.292

27. William Chalk, Melissa Crippen, SH, 28.535

Figure 8

21. Melissa Crippen, SH, 11.375

29. Hailey Garrison, S, 11.574

Pole bending

25. Lily Dreyer, SH, 25.946

Individual flags

27. Kelsy Heller, S, 21.472


31. Kallie Trask, S, 16.428

34. Jessica Bartolomucci, SH, 16.521

39. Kaitlin Davis, S, 16.881

41. Melissa Crippen, SH, 17.038

Large team scores

19. Scappoose 59

25. St. Helens 47