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Lions, Indians perform well at low-key Trojan Relays

Scappoose's Linnaea Kavulich and John Kavulich lead fieldwith best splits overall

JOHN BREWINGTON - Linnaea Kavulich was the top runner for the girls at the Trojan Relays.It was a beautiful sunny day with the leaves about to turn and a great day for a cross country race, particularly a low-key, short race.

The 35th Trojan Relays held Oct. 1 were more about having fun on a nice course, a bit shorter than a regular 5K course.

Still, St. Helens and Scappoose had some good performances from their squad.

The Kavulich sophomore twins of Scappoose had someJOHN BREWINGTON - John Kavulich had the best effort among the local runners at the Trojan Relays JOHN BREWINGTON - Josie Hanna was the top runner for the St. Helens girlsJOHN BREWINGTON - Ben Johnstun was the top runner for the St. Helens boys.of the best times of the day. Running on the first leg, Linnaea Kavulich had the best time between St. Helens, Scappoose, Seaside and Rainier on the girls’ course with an 11:53. Brother John was second amongst the boys with a 10:23.

The top efforts for St. Helens came from Ben Johnstun in third for the boys at 10:41; and from Josie Hanna in third for the girls with a 12:21.

“Trojan went well,” Scappoose coach David Harley said. “I thought we ran pretty well—it is a good time to have that meet as we start to think about getting ready for the big invites and the district meet.”

St. Helens coach Gerry Tinkle was of a like mind. “Trojan went well. I thought my team ran well and showed some speed. They have been working hard and it showed. It was a good time to run a short race. Everyone feels fast now,” he added.

St. Helens hosted Scappoose and a number of other teams on Wednesday at McCormick Park in St. Helens.

Top Seven Team Splits:

Boys Team finishes: Scappoose, St. Helens, Seaside, Rainier.

Scappoose Boys—John Kavulich, 10:23; Austin Sharp, 10:47; Shawn Stone, 11:27; Matthew Carrier, 11:29; Caleb Peckover, 12:04; Josiah Oliver, 12:05, Will Harley, 12:14; Quincy Reynolds, 12:14.

St. Helens Boys—Ben Johnstun, 10:41; Brendan Fugere, 11:19; Ross Munro, 11:22; Daniel Lujano, 11:33; Dakotah Camberg, 11:40; Jarrett Boynton, 11:48; Miles Boynton, 11:48.

Girls Team Finishes: St. Helens, Scappoose, Seaside, Rainier.

Scappoose Girls—Linnaea Kavulich, 11:53; Georgia Benner, 13:23; Emily Marquardt, 13:23; Grace Rieman, 13:23; Macy Gray, 14:03; Jasmine Detrick, 14:19; Lisbeth Melgar, 14:36.

St. Helens Girls—Josie Hanna, 12:21; Genny Luttrell, 12:56; Cheyenne Trainer, 13:10; Mackenzie Trainer, 13:19; Angela Willson, 13:33; Krista LaMunyon, 13:37; Jenny Prevish, 14:08.


Scappoose had a decent performance at the Paul Mariman Invitational in Philomath on Saturday.

Linnaea Kavulich was second overall in the girls varsity meet, while twin brother John was fifth in the boys race.

Scappoose finished fifth for the girls and 10th for the boys.

“The meet on Saturday at Philomath was good,” Coach David Harley said. “I thought most everyone ran well. I would have liked to have seen some more speed as we finished on the track, but that is something we will work on. We finished up well on the girls side (against) some very good teams, and the boys are narrowing the gap each week and should have a strong finish to the season.”

Scappoose is at the George Fox Classic on Saturday.


Team scores: Tillamook 54, Newport 113, Elmira 125, North Bend 153, Philomath 165, Molalla 177, Siuslaw 189, Marshfield 206, South Umpqua 214, Scappoose 234, Cascade 258, Sweet Home 309, Taft 318, Oakland 345, Corbett 408, Eddyville 428, Harrisburg 479, Waldport 488, Gladstone 552, Toledo 561.

Top 7 Individuals: 5) John Kavulich 16:54; 31) Austin Sharp 18:25; 54) Shawn Stone, 19:08; 65) Matthew Carrier 19:20; 79) Josiah Oliver 19:47; 84) Will Harley 19:56; 91) Caleb Peckover 20:08.


Team scores: Siuslaw 71, Molalla 79, South Umpqua 94, Philomath 113, Scappoose 117, Tillamook 122, North Bend 152, Cascade 204, Seaside 206, Gladstone 238, Sweet Home 298, Newport 335.

Top 7 Individuals: 2) Linnaea Kavulich 19:09; 25) Emily Marquardt 21:51; 29) Grace Rieman 21:57; 32) Georgia Benner 22:13; 38) Erin Reardon 22:39; 55) Macy Gray 23:46; 62) Erin Sprecher 24:22.