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Russell edges Fox for Sportsman Division title

Pair goes into final race with just 10 points separating them

JOHN BREWINGTON - Sean Fox (99) leads the Sportsman Division heat race with Bud Russell (28) hot on his heels. Russell maintained his lead to win the division title on Saturday night at River City Speedway.The season-long battle between Bud Russell and Sean Fox ended Saturday with Russell narrowly holding on to win the premier Sportsman Division track title at River City Speedway in St. Helens.

The dynamic duo dueled throughout the races last Saturday. Just 10 points separated them going into the night’s racing. Despite a heady effort by Fox in his flat black No. 99 race car, it was Russell who would prevail in the end.

Russell won the trophy dash with Fox third, but Fox responded with a heat win. Russell was right behind him for second. In the main event, Russell took second with Fox right on his wheels in third. Arguably, Ray Elwess had a better night than the top two—posting the fast time, second in the dash, third in his heat, and winning the main event. That effort moved him up to fourth overall in the standings.

There wasn’t much drama in the rest of the divisions. All of the leaders held on to win.

Justin McMullen
Street Stock Champion
Justin McMullen had a 91-point lead going into the night in the Street Stock Division, and he upped that to 101 points. He saved his engine for the main event, and took a solid second behind Ryan White, who maintained his third-place standing just ahead of Greg Brumbaugh. Marty Wallace had fast time, won a heat and was 10th in the main to hold on to second overall.

In the Dwarf Car Division, there was no catching Andrew Andexler. He went into the evening with over a 200 point lead and couldn’t be caught. He was second in the dash, second in his heat, and sixth in the main.SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JOHN BREWINGTON - Dwarf Division champ Andrew Andexler won his division going away Saturday. He was hundreds of points ahead of his closest competitor.

It was a similar night for Mike Opoka, Sr. in the Pacific Mini Sprint Division. He finished with the highest point total of anyone in any division, except the Tracers. He had 1,105 points, 207 ahead of Vinny Velleggiante in second. Opoka had fast time, was fourth in his heat, and won the main event. Brian Beecher was third overall.

Shelby Fitzgerald
4-Cylinder Champion
Shelby Fitzgerald had just a 20-point lead in the 4-Cylinder Division but she increased it over Crystal Flath to take first. Fitzgerald was second in the dash, third in her heat and third in the main. Flath was third in her heat and seventh in the main.

In the Tracer Division, Hunter Gollyhorn won the dash, his heat, and was second in the main event to finish the season with 1,118 points, just under 800 points ahead of Trenton Serface.

Cody Jones won the Modified Division. Curtis Zelmer was second.

This Saturday, the Columbia County Racing Association will wrap up their season with their traditional “Run What Ya’ Brung Race” and a demolition derby. Racing starts at 5 p.m.

River City Speedway

Championship race

Sportsman Division

Fast time: 15:073 Ray Elwess, Gresham. Dash: Bud Russell, Deer Island, Elwess, Sean Fox, Rainier, Joel Beehler, St. Helens. 1st heat: Steve Kaptur, St. Helens, Scotty Wells, St. Helens, Steffen Strawn, St. Helens, Chad Blanchfield, Portland, Herb Thomas, St. Helens, Tim Roth, Kalama, Wash., David Flack. 2nd heat: Fox, Russell, Elwess, J. Beehler, Brad Beehler, St. Helens, Steve Fenter, St. Helens. Main: Elwess, Russell, Fox, J. Beehler, B. Beehler, Strawn, Blanchfield, Kaptur, Wells, Fenter, Flack, Thomas.

Street Stock Division

Fast time: 16:086 Scott McMullen, Deer Island. Dash: Marty Wallace, St. Helens, Randy Nutting, Portland, Dillon Mathieu, Portland, Scott McMullen, Deer Island. 1st heat: Ryan White, Sandy, Herb Thomas, St. Helens, Dan Smith, St. Helens, Tom Zywicki, Hillsboro, Mike Crase, Portland, Josh Pies, North Plains, Bernie Lujan, St. Helens. 2nd heat: Curt Zelmer, Portland, Larry Wetzel, Vancouver, Gary Kordosky, Sr., Scappoose, Greg Brumbaugh, St. Helens, Tim Jenner, Newberg. 3rd heat: Wallace, Gary Kordosky, Jr., Scappoose, Randy Nutting, Scott McMullen, Dillon Mathieu. Main: Ryan White, Justin McMullen, St. Helens, Kordosky Jr., Brumbaugh, Lujan, Wetzel, Zywicki, Zelmer, Crase, Wallace, Nutting, Pies, Smith, S. McMullen, Kordosky Sr., Mathieu, Jenner, Thomas.

4-Cylinder Division

Fast time: 16:721 Jeremey Wetherbee, St. Helens. Dash: Wetherbee, Shelby Fitzgerald, St. Helens, Bob Berg, St. Helens, TJ Wegner, St. Helens.

1st heat: Doug Pirtle, Gresham, Jason Scheibel, Longview, Crystal Flath, Troutdale, Chico Brinster, St. Helens. 2nd Heat: Wetherbee, Berg, Fitzgerald, Wegner. Main: Wetherbee, Wegner, Fitzgerald, Chico, Berg, Scheibel, Flath, Pirtle.

Dwarf Car Division

Fast Time: 14:916 Steve McCleary, Hillsboro. Dash: Lucas Eaton, Scappoose, Andrew Andexler, St. Helens, Andy Lemmons, Longview, McCleary.

Heat: Eaton, Andexler, Josh Rodgers, Longview, McCleary, Bobby Morley, Scappoose, Lemmons. Main: Eaton, Rodgers, McCleary, Lemmons, Morley, Andexler, Crystal Flath.

Modified Division

Fast time: 15:129 Cody Jones, Boring. Dash: Jones, Sean Fox, Rainier, Terence Chappelle, St. Helens, Curt Zelmer, Portland. Heat: Jones, Zelmer. Main: Sean Fox, Jones, Zelmer, Chappelle.

Paciic Mini Sprint Division

Fast time: 13:483 Mike Opoka, Portland. Dash: Vinny Villeggiante, Portland, Crystal Flath, Troutdale, Tracey Titus, Manzanita. 1st heat: Flath, Titus, Villeggiante, Doug Pirtle, Gresham, Eric Dehning, Vancouver. 2nd heat: Dan Beck, Castle Rock, Brian Beeler, Vancouver, Opoka, Duane Becher, White Salmon, Wash., George Nichols, Puyallup, Wash. Main: Opoka, Villeggiante, Beck, B. Beecher, Flath, Nichols, Pirtle, B. Beecher, Titus.

Tracer Division

Fast time: 17:648 Wyatt Kaptur, St. Helens. Dash: Hunter Gollyhorn, St. Helens, Kaptur. Heat: Gollyhorn, Kaptur, Isabel Lujan, St. Helens. Main: Kaptur, Gollyhorn.