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Scappoose loses from far out

Scappoose boys varsity soccer team(1-1-1) had a disappointing loss to the Gladstone Gladiators(1-2),as Gladstone comes from behind and scored from outside, winning 2-3.

The No. 22 ranked Gladiators came into this game after being crushed by No. 6 North Marion, losing 1-10. The Gladiators played like they had a chip on their shoulder, and seemed to be looking for vindication from a demoralizing loss.

Although the Indians worked hard to prepare for the well matched game Wednesday evening, their communication seemed to be their demise.

“Organization was the big thing, but behind organization comes communication. And we did not communicate well today,” Indians head coach Scott Scanton said.

A heavy laden defensive back line from Scappoose held Gladstone off from scoring and set the Indians offense up for quick fast breaks up the sidelines.

A 4-4-2 formation brought enough offensive pressure from Scappoose, that coach Scanton recalls hearing the Gladiatior’s head coach Ryan Hardwick “yelling at his defense, which is always good to hear, because that means we are doing something right.”

Ultimately, the score was tied at 0-0 going into the second half of the match.

The Gladiators defensive wall was eventually broken during the 49 minute by junior Alex Varga assisting junior Masson Waddington for an easy chip goal from about 12 yards out.

Scappoose’s lead was soon matched on a lengthy offensive push by Gladstone, eventually leading to a bullet from senior midfield captain Andrew Gross in the 59 minute.

Immediately to follow, junior Tyler Cooper dashed down the left sideline, made 90 degree turn in the inside of the box, shucking defensive players, and punched the ball into the back of the bottom left corner during the 60 minute.

As time elapsed, frustration was obviously taking hold of the Gladiators, as they committed numerous fouls on the Indians. Scappoose delivered a foul of their own, setting up a set play with Gross to kick.

Gross lined up from roughly 10 yards behind the center field line, and kicked a high arching ball that hooked left into the top right corner of the Indians goal, whizzing past the goalie for the equalizing goal.

Gross again had the ball from roughly 35 yards out from the goal and sent another long ranged shot into the top center of the Scappoose’s net. Gross was the only one to score for Gladstone on the night.

Scappoose coaches and players, alike, blame the loss on a lack of communication, leading to gaps in their defense that weren’t mended in time to stop the heavy footed boot from Gladstone’s Gross.

“It is not often that we play against a team that can shoot from that far out, but we have played them for the last 3 years and they have done shot from that far every year. It was very clear that this is what we needed to prepare for over the past few days,” coach Scanton explained.

The Indians, currently ranked in OSAA’s 4a league No. 35 and second in the COWAPA division, will look to grind their way back in their next game against No. 27 Oregon Episcopal High School(2-1). The Oregon Episcopal Ardvarks are coming off of two wins, their most recent being against No. 20 Astoria High School(0-4), 5-0.