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Softball: Scappoose on historic offensive streak

Indians rally back to blow out Tillamook 12-3

With one league game in the bag and arguably the biggest double header of the year on the horizon, it's safe to say the bats couldn't have warmed up at a better time for Scappoose.

The Indians (6-1, 1-0 Cowapa) have been on a tear as of late, scoring 46 runs in three games and winning a huge home contest against former No. 6 Corbett on April 10. Next, Scappoose faces a stiff test — No. 1 Banks at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. at home on Friday, April 17.

First-year head coach Cijay Koler said the team has had their eye on Banks for the last several days. Scappoose has only beaten Banks once since the 2011 season, but a win over the Braves would be a massive addition to the Indians' already solid start to the year.

Koler, who has seen Banks at the JV level over the last several seasons, said the approach for Banks was to focus on the things they could control instead of psyching themselves out.

“We already know that they're a tough team,” Koler said. “We've got to make sure the girls are prepared in every way and that they're not scared. We're a competitive team, so we need to play to our level.”

Their 'level' has been exceptionally high over the last few weeks. Because of rainy conditions, the team had an extensive break between the final day of the McLoughlin tournament on March 28 until the April 8 game on the road in Clatskanie. Koler and the Indians took the time to pay a little extra attention to details on the offensive end — and it's paid off so far.

“We try to incorporate a lot of hitting in practices, and we had so much time off that we could take a whole practice and just focus on the mechanics of hitting again, just go back to the mechanics,” Koler said. “The girls are really good about getting their mind right when they go up to bat. We started slow against Tillamook, but they got themselves out of it and started hitting like the team that we know.”

Tillamook actually managed to take a 3-1 lead into the third inning on Tuesday evening, jumping on a Scappoose team that had been forced to wait until the JV game finished. Once the third inning hit, it was all Scappoose. The Indians scored three in the top of the third, two more in the top of the fourth and knocked home six runs in the top of the sixth inning to win going away.

The defeat of Tillamook followed a 12-3 win over Corbett in which Scappoose got off to a 9-0 lead in the bottom of the fourth inning before coasting to a victory, and caps a historic three-game scoring stretch.

Scappoose has broken the three-game, 40-run mark just four times since 2006. The highest, 58 runs in three games, came in 2012. The current streak is the only one of the four instances to not involve a game against Seaside.

One of the games from last season's 41-run stretch was a 7-1 win over Banks late in the season, but Scappoose dropped both halves of their early-season doubleheader as then-sophomore Kendal Bailey went the distance and bore the brunt of a pair of tough losses.

Bailey is the expected starter for Friday's first contest as well, but Koler hopes to give her as much rest as possible.

“We'd like to split the time [between Bailey and Julia Ferguson] as much as we can,” Koler said. “We don't want to wear Kendal out too much, but if we need to rely on her to come back in the game for the second game, we're pretty confident that she can handle it. She's been our main pitcher this whole time.”


Scappoose 12, Tillamook 3

SCAP 013 206 — 12 12 4

TILLY 120 000 — 3 5 6

Runs-hits-RBIs: Dykes 1-1-1, Lukinbeal 1-2-0, Krueger 1-0-1, Galey 2-2-0, Harrison 2-3-2, Wedgeworth 2-1-0, Greisen 2-0-0, Bailey 0-1-1, Enos 1-2-2


Hits-strikeouts: W-Bailey 5-9 (6); Browning 1-0, Woods 7-1, Burgett 4-0