Staff gives the new arrivals names from the popular television series

by: CAT ADOPTION TEAM - These cats found and turned over to the Cat Adoption Team have been given the names of characters from the popular 'Grimm' television series, which is filmed in Portland.The cast from the popular television series “Grimm” is now at the Cat Adoption Team’s Sherwood shelter. Okay, that’s not really true but the shelter recently named an adorable litter of kittens after the characters of this hit TV show filmed and based in Portland. (“Grimm” crews filmed an episode based on several Sherwood locations in August 2010.)

Found when they were about 10 weeks old, the Grimm kittens were on the verge of becoming feral. They were skittish and fearful of people, with the exception of “Captain Renard,” who was quite social from the first day.

The entire litter blossomed with the love and care of a CAT foster volunteer and they are now ready to find a home of their own, according to Kathy Covey, spokeswoman for the organization.

Here’s a little bit about our Grimm cast of kittens:

Capt. Renard: Red and white like a fox, Renard is clever and curious. He’s the social leader of the group and always likes to be on top – even if that means climbing over his littermates. He loves attention and is usually out in front when people come to visit. (In fact, he’s already been pre-adopted.)

Nick: Nick was ill when first brought in to CAT. Because he didn’t feel well, was on the fringe of the kitten clan. Now healthy and happy, Nick is a sweetheart. He’s been growing by leaps and bounds and is catching up to Renard in sociability.

Monroe: Monroe is a big, laid back ole’ boy who outweighs his litter mates by half a pound (which is a lot when you’re under 3 pounds.). He’s got a large head with big ears and a wolfish ruff – similar to his Blutbad namesake. But his personality is more teddy bear than wolf.

Juliette: A very shy calico was the last kitten to warm up to people. She is still bit skittish and likes to have Nick or Monroe with her for protection. The drama of the Grimm kittens has paralleled the show in some interesting ways. Juliette had an eye infection that took awhile to clear up (fans of the show recall that when the character Juliette awoke from her spell-induced coma, her eyes were very dilated).

Nick and Juliette appear to be very close. Nick will come running to watch, protectively, when Juliette is being given medication or is climbing too high to suit him. Kittens Juliette and Renard, despite their on-air character’s mutual obsession on Grimm, can take or leave each other.

Renard and Nick’s relationship is tenuous, especially now that Nick is more outgoing. One of the foster caretakers heard a strange noise recently and looked over to see Renard pinning Nick to the ground. They broke up that little battle but it’s happened again since. It must be time to get Renard fixed…


All the kittens will be coming to the CAT shelter to be altered before being adopted. Renard has been pre-adopted but the other three are available to loving homes. Will Nick and Juliette be adopted together and live happily ever after? Or will buddies Nick and Monroe get to stay together? (Or will all four go their separate ways?) Will Nick come more into his own once he is separated from Renard? Only time will tell…

The other interesting note about this group is that they have yet to meow. See video

At 10 weeks, when they should be mewing, they only squeak. It’s pretty funny when they settle down to sleep at night and squeak to each other, especially Nick and Juliette. Monroe is the only one who’s been able to muster a sound similar to a meow. We’re not sure, but think they are speaking some special Grimm language to each other.

-- Submitted by the Cat Adoption Team

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