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City manager recommends demolition of future community center building shell


Plans to redevelop the former Machine Works building into a community center in Old Town Sherwood have taken an unexpected turn. After recent routine inspections, city officials discovered significant damage to one of the main roof supporting trusses inside the building.

Temporary safety measures were immediately taken to support this damaged truss. Subsequent detailed investigations found further deterioration of adjacent trusses on Dec. 10.

Inspections by outside structural engineers and the city building official have led to a formal declaration that the building is dangerous per the Uniform Building Code. In a letter written to the city manager, Scott McKie, building official for Sherwood, has declared the building dangerous and commenced an abatement order to repair, vacate or demolish the building.

"This important project has been on hold since summer as we have been studying whether to re-invest in renovating this existing building or invest in a new building," said City Manager Joseph Gall. "The unexpected deterioration of critical structural trusses in the building is making that decision clearer and I will be recommending demolition of the building to the Urban Renewal Board."

The building is currently vacant and the city is working on plans to shore up the building for public safety purposes. Initial plans were to gut the inside of the building, a former machine shop, but leave the four walls intact before converting it into a community center.

At their next meeting to be held on Dec. 18 the Sherwood Urban Renewal Board was considering a resolution that will recommend demolition of the building due to its unsafe condition. The meeting was after the Gazette went to press Dec. 17.