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Police continue search for missing Sherwood man


The vehicle Paul Disbury was driving when last seen on Dec. 31 is recovered at Multnomah Falls

The Sherwood Police Department is continuing its investigation into the disappearance of a Sherwood man who may be suicidal.

Paul Disbury was last seen driving in his car on Dec. 31, Captain Ty Hanlon, a spokesman for the police department, said Saturday.

With the assistance of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department, Disbury’s vehicle was located in the parking lot of Multnomah Falls. Sheriff’s officials utilized their search and rescue units for two days in an attempt to locate Disbury by rappelling down hillsides near the falls, diving in ponds and searching trails in and around the area. However, they have been unable to find him.

The area of Multnomah Falls continues to be the focal point of the investigation but weather conditions prevent further search efforts at this time, Hanlon said.