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SHS principal leaves abruptly, former principal to fill in


An email tells parents that Carlos Sequeira will not be returning to the school with former principal Michelle DeBoard filling his position for the moment

Sherwood School District Superintendent Heather Cordie announced March 4 that Sherwood High School Principal Carlos Sequeira had left his position that same day after announcing only the week before that he would remain until the end of the school year.

Sequeira “will not be returning to the high school” and “will be on administrative leave for the remainder of the year,” Cordie said in an email addressed to SHS families.

Previously, SHS staff members and students were told that Sequeira had resigned effective June 30.by: SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Carlos Sequeira

Due to the abrupt speedup of Sequeira’s departure date, Michelle DeBoard, the district’s human resources director and former SHS principal, has become the temporary interim principal until the end of the year, providing support and assistance as needed, according to Cordie.

“As we shared with you in last week’s communication, our team is already in the process of developing a plan for selecting a new principal, and many purposeful conversations will take place before a decision or process is announced,” Cordie stated.

According to Cordie’s original statement, Sequeira, who only started as principal in July 2011, was leaving for “personal reasons.”

DeBoard said as of March 6 she would return to SHS to support Associate Principals Ken Bell and Brian Bailey.

“I will probably be there two days a week and in and out the other days,” DeBoard said. “We will hire a half-time TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) to do student management and discipline. Ken does a lot of the curriculum, and Brian does curriculum and scheduling. They also will be working on the transition for eighth-graders coming in next fall.”

According to DeBoard, a meeting was scheduled for March 7 to start planning the hiring process for a new SHS principal.

“We will keep you informed of our course of action as we move forward,” Cordie said in her March 4 email. “Thank you for your support and assistance as we work together to ensure a smooth end of the school year for our students.”