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No, you weren’t hearing things Thursday night if you were watching “The Good Wife,” the popular CBS legal drama. Local Realtor Amber Gardner heard it too.

One of the characters uttered three lines about Sherwood in passing.

More specifically, she said, ““I am from Sherwood. It’s outside of Portland. Nothing ever happens in Sherwood.”

It was a quick line but one that got social media quickly buzzing.

“It was pretty cool and funny to see all the posts pinging in on Facebook right after it happened,” said Gardner of Gardner Team Real Estate.

Realizing there was some truth to the comment (in a good way), Gardner also mentioned all the things that have recently happened in Sherwood on her blog: Click here

"Our family got a giggle out of it and watched that part a few times over," said Gardner. "There's a lot of positive (things) happening here, it's neat that Sherwood was plugged in a major script, even if only for 3 seconds."

“The Good Wife,” now in its fourth season, stars Julianna Margulies who returns to work as a litigator after her husband is jailed following a public scandal.

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