The Oregon Government Ethics Commission says theres not enough information to move against Councilor Matt Langer regarding an ethics complaint for the siting of a Sherwood Walmart

Information lacking in two complaints filed against Langer

Two ethics complaints filed against Sherwood City Council member Matt Langer have been determined not to contain enough information in them to take action, according to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.

One of the complaints was filed by Kathy Hollamon in May; the other by Debbie Price in June.

Among other things, Hollamon claimed that Langer, who in addition to being a council member is also spokesman for his family’s property holdings that include the site where a new Walmart is planned, “consciously and deliberately kept the details of this deal with Walmart a secret, and even lied about it (to) a Planning Commission meeting six months ago when asked who the tenant was that was coming in. He replied that he ‘didn’t know….’”

Meanwhile, in a four-page email, Price made numerous allegations against Langer including, “His votes are self serving…we hear rumor that he was able to get the county to pay 12 million dollars for Sherwood road improvements on Tualatin/Sherwood Rd due to Walmart, and their 20 businesses coming with them in the complex… when Walmart technically should be paying these fees.”

She also wrote, “We have told the council that they are to represent us, we voted them in, and they will turn around and vote on their own desires…for what they want. It is not an old boys club where they sit and chat and then vote, snickering at us… which is what is literally going on.”

Regarding each of the two complaints, Ronald A. Bersin, the executive director of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, wrote, “The information provided in the complaint is insufficient for the Commission to take action at this time. Additional information has been requested from the complainant to enable Commission staff to determine if official action can be taken.”

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