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Committee to look at ordinances governing big-box retailers


A citizens’ committee will be the final arbitrator in determining ordinances sent to voters regarding future big-box retailers.

On June 19, the Sherwood City Council passed a resolution paving the way for the formation of a nine-member committee that will be composed of at least five city residents and four members who conduct business in the city but aren’t necessarily residents.

The need for tightening up the rules on future retail ventures comes after public outcry following the announcement that Walmart plans on building a 145,000-square-foot superstore off of Tualatin-Sherwood Road at Langer Farms Parkway.

Members are expected to be appointed in early July with the council hoping to consider any ordinances put forward by the citizens’ committee at its Aug. 6 meeting.

At a special June 12 meeting, Sherwood City Councilor Linda Henderson said the committee would examine a variety of potential ordinances that could limit such things as overnight parking, staying open all night or regulating certain employment conditions.

Once that committee is formed, it would send its recommendations to the city attorney’s office and ultimately to the City Council for review. If accepted, plans would be to place the proposed ordinances before voters for the Nov. 5 election.