by: COURTESY OF JANIS MIGLAVS - Janis Miglavs poses for a photo with 'Tin Men' during the Wine Festival activities at Chateau Changyu-Castel, a joint venture winery in Yantai, Shandong Province, China.Sherwood photographer and writer Janis Miglavs has been named one of the two world’s best food/wine photographers in the United States and one of the best 44 in the world by Gourmand Magazine.

European-based Gourmand Magazine published the list of the best 44 professionals from 20 countries in its August edition. Photographers were listed by country. While many countries had numerous photographers, Miglavs was one of only two in the United States.

Publisher Edouard Cointreau, said of the choices: “Most have received a Best in the World Gourmand Award for photogra­phy, and the others have contributed to major books that recei­ved Best in the World Awards.”

One of those winners was Miglavs’ "Oregon the Taste of Wine," which he wrote and photographed. Cointreau explained that in the past 20 years, the magazine has received more than 100,000 food and wine books for award considerations. He concluded: “These books have be­come art forms thanks primarily to the photogra­phers.”

Miglavs found out that his book had been chosen as the winner in the Best New World Wine Book category while at an international Wine Festival in Yantai, China.

Miglavs’ client list includes National Geographic, the world’s major publishers, all of the major wine magazines and wineries around the world.

by: COURTESY OF JANIS MIGLAVS - Workers are dressed for filming 'Chateau' in the vineyard at Changyu AFIP Global winery in Ju Gezhuang Town, Beijing city area, Miyun County, China.Cointreau also expressed interest in Miglavs’ latest book, "China The New Wine Frontier," due out later this year.

With text in both English and Chinese, the oversized tabletop book will be the first definitive effort about Chinese wine. Miglavs was chosen by the Chinese cookbook publisher to write and photograph the well-illustrated book not only for his stunning photography, but also for the fact he is one of the few people — and reportedly, the only westerner — who has actually set foot in vineyards and wineries in all of China’s major wine growing regions.

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