Agenda for April 15 meeting still being set

Clearing up language on who appoints members to the city’s various committees and commissions, along with determining who may place items on future council agendas, are among items that could be taken up at the next Sherwood City Council meeting set for Tuesday, April 15.

During the council’s last meeting on April 1, Councilor Linda Henderson suggested clarifying rules on how council liaison appointments are made.

The issue dates to a February meeting when Councilor Dave Grant made a surprise motion to appoint Matt Langer as liaison to the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce even though Mayor Bill Middleton had said he wanted to reappoint Councilor Krisanna Clark to the position.

Middleton said at the time that only he had the power to make such a liaison appointment. However, Grant countered that the city’s charter doesn’t say anything about the mayor appointing liaisons to private organizations such as the chamber.

At the council’s March 4 meeting, Middleton also rejected a proposal by Grant that an agreement by the majority of Sherwood council members should be enough to allow for items to be placed on council agendas.

But on April 1, Councilor Robyn Folsom moved to getting back to a more collaborative process when it comes to setting the agenda, guiding staff to come back with wording that would allow Council President Linda Henderson to have input.

The motion passed with Middleton voting “no,” saying no one can force him to talk to a specific person.

Also during the April 1 meeting, Grant had questions about last-minute changes to the city’s agenda. Specifically, he wanted to know why a consent agenda item, asking that Councilor Krisanna Clark be appointed as an alternate to a local advisory group of local city mayors, was pulled.

“That’s my decision and it was made,” said Middleton.

Grant and Folsom said they had concerns over the fact that the Washington County Coordinating Committee, a group consisting mainly of mayors and their representatives who are responsible for making decisions on local transportation issues, had asked that alternate representatives should be selected by their respective councils. Folsom said Henderson is the alternate member.

In a letter from 2013, the mayor noted that in addition to himself as representative, Henderson would be the first alternate with Clark being the second.

Since the WCCC is the group responsible for dispensing millions of dollars in transportation funds throughout Washington County, Grant said he saw no reason to “thumb our nose,” at them.

Grant also said he had issues about another item as well where Middleton had asked that an agenda item that had originally been placed on the consent agenda be placed under new business. The item was to discuss a motion to remove James Copfer from the Sherwood Planning Commission, an item that had been tabled from a previous agenda. At the April 1 meeting, the motion was not passed by the majority of the council and Middleton said he’d rewrite it and bring it back on a future agenda.

Grant said he objected to Middleton talking about bringing back the resolution after the majority of council voted not to bring it up again.

“The only thing this serves to do is to divide us,” said Grant.

During councilor comments, Clark said she agreed that the council appeared to no longer be working well together, saying a couple of councilors have used the media to divide the council.

She supported Middleton’s right to bring issues to the agenda and said she knew the issue of renegotiating the contract with the Sherwood Family YMCA created a lot of “push and pull” between some members of the council. Clark said she believes there should be no taboo topics discussed by the council.

Middleton later said that he has little support from other council members on many issues he brings up and suggested that those who support Walmart coming to town need to stop supporting their own agenda.

The council agenda was still being determined as of this posting.

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