The subject of a recall vote, Clark-Endicott submitted her resignation today; Councilors Jennifer Harris and Sally Robinson go on to recall vote on Oct. 17

Krisanna ClarkMayor Krisanna Clark-Endicott, the subject of a recall vote scheduled two weeks from now, has resigned her seat as mayor of Sherwood.

Prior to the 5 p.m. today, Clark submitted a written letter of resignation to the city recorder. Clark-Endicott said she was leaving to relocate to Redmond, where her new husband, Redmond Mayor George Endicott currently lives.

"It has been my great pleasure to serve the citizens of the City of Sherwood and message that 'you can disagree without being disagreeable,'" Clark-Endicott wrote in a press releasesent shortly before 5 p.m. today.

At the same time, Councilors Jennifer Harris and Sally Robinsonalso the subjects of a recall vote, responded to so-called statements of justification, meaning they will go on to face a recall election set for Tuesday, Oct. 17.

The recall election of the mayor and two city councilors was sparked largely by their support of the Minneapolis-based HealthFitness through a ranking system that placed the company at the top of their list to take over services provided for almost 20 years by the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette.

Among the major allegation listed in the recall petition language of the three is a charge that they failed in their fiduciary responsibilities by supporting HealthFitness, a company that projected twice that it would lose money the first five years.

However, the company later told the council it would make money after it recalculated figures on how the YMCA determines its membership fees.

Nervous about the new projections, city staff recommended last Tuesday not signing a contract with HealthFitness.

That action was followed by a 4-2 vote from the council to reject the HealthFitness contract as well. While Clark-Endicott was among those who voted to turn down the contract, Councilors Robinson and Harris voted in support of moving forward with it.

(Harris later said she had meant to vote the contract down as well, noting that she is usually supportive of recommendations of city staff.)

Clark-Endicott called the recall push an effort by a "disgruntled group representing a vocal minority in Sherwood" who validated the 1,027 signatures needed to force the recall, noting that Sherwood has a voter roll of more than 12,220 residents.

"When you ask hard questions and challenge the status quo, you are going to get rocks thrown in your direction," Krisanna ClarkClark-Endicott said in her news release. "Progress requires risk, and when you come out of the refiner's fire you are stronger as an individual, a city and a community. I will never stop asking the hard questions."

Clark-Endicott married George Endicott in a surprise wedding last summer at the Oregon Mayors Conference. She said both she, her husband and two children made a unanimous decision to move to Redmond and her children are enrolled in Redmond schools this fall.

Clark listed the fact she was the first mayor of Sherwood to be elected to the League of Oregon Cities Board and was the sole female on the Washington County Coordinating Committee in her first term among her accomplishments.

"Sherwood's loss of Mayor Clark-Endicott is Central Oregon's gain," said Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle in the release. "She has been a huge asset to the City of Sherwood and will be greatly missed throughout Washington County."

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