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Oregon on path to add new biofuels into motor vehicle fuel


Report shows growth in new industry

A new report from Environmental Entrepreneurs projects that domestic production of advanced biofuels will grow from 437 million gallons in 2011 to more than 685 million gallons this year.

Continuing growth in the industry should more than meet the demands of Oregon’s Clean Fuel Standard, says Chris Dennett, Portland director of the business group’s Northwest chapter. In 2009, the Oregon Legislature required fuel suppliers to lower greenhouse gas pollution from fuel by 10 percent over 10 years. That should encourage the next generation of alternative vehicle fuel derived from waste streams and cellulosic plants, rather than food supplies such as corn.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is accepting public comments on details of the proposed Clean Fuel Standard through Friday, Aug. 31.

The new report projects that clean fuels standards adopted by California, Oregon and the federal government should drive the creation of at least 27 new advanced biofuels refineries across the country by 2015. There are now 165 such producers, according to Environmental Entrepreneurs, including several in Oregon.

One of the most promising here is ZeaChem in Boardman, which plans to expand its demonstration project into a full-fledged plant, creating 65 full-time jobs and 190 temporary construction jobs.

The report calculates that 18,407 to 47,700 new jobs could be created in the biofuels industry if the new state and federal standards are implemented as planned.

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