New Earth uses bokashi system to break down organic material.

New Earth Farm is seeking a state composting permit for a site in Hillsboro.

The farm, on 11000 N.W. Jackson Quarry Road, uses multiple composting methods, including the bokashi system that involves fermenting shredded feedstock materials in tightly closed vessels. The material remains in the vessels for 10 to 30 days, producting compost solids and a liquid known as “bokashi tea.”

New Earth Farm also raises black soldier fly larvae on some of its compost stocks. The larvae help break down the compost, which then becomes a high-protein feed for chickens.

The farm also raises earthworms on the bokashi solids and food scraps. It sells the earthworms, worm bins and vermicompost.

New Earth is seeking a 10-year permit from the Department of Environmental Quality.

The farm also sells produce to area restaurants and members of its own community-supported agriculture operation.

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