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Hike with the Friends in the Gorge


Friends of the Columbia Gorge is offering 60 educational hikes/outings in their spring and summer season, from March 16 through July 18.

Hikes follow the wildflower blooms from the eastern end of the Gorge westward. Some involve bike rides. They are led by experts in botany, geology and Gorge


To learn more about the hikes: gorgefriends.org/downloads/spring-hikes2013_FINAL-screen_v2.pdf?utm_source=eNewsletter+February+2013+v2&utm_campaign=eNewsletter+2.13&utm_medium=email

To sign up: gorgefriends.org/event_calendar.php?event_type=Hikes&utm_source=eNewsletter+February+2013+v2&utm_campaign=eNewsletter+2.13&utm_medium=email.