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PCC offers new course in fuel cells in collaboration with local manufacturer


Portland Community College is offering the first-of-its-kind class in fuel cells, providing a new option for students to explore careers in green energy.

The Electronic Engineering Technology Program at PCC’s Sylvania campus in Southwest Portland is collaborating with ClearEdge Power, a Hillsboro manufacturer of cutting-edge fuel cell technology. PCC earlier installed two of the company’s fuel cells at its Sylvania campus.

“The lab will be structured to give the students hands-on experience with as many different types of components used in actual fuel cell systems as possible,” said instructor Tom Prevish, who is vice president of engineering for ClearEdge.

It’s the first class of its kind offered in an Oregon community college.

Prevish helped develop the course outline and proposed the equipment purchases used for the class, says Sandra Williams, chairwoman of the program.

ClearEdge also is exploring internships for students enrolled in the class.

The class begins spring term.