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A Gresham startup company is developing a way to slash energy usage at power-thirsty computer server farms that are popping up all over central Oregon.

IT Aire developed a system that eliminates refrigeration compressors commonly found in computer room air conditioning units. Instead, it uses indirect evaporative cooling, efficient fans and sensors, with minimal moving parts.

The company claims it can cut energy usage by 70 percent at server farms and data rooms.

IT Aire recently won a $40,000 grant from Oregon BEST, which helped leverage an additional $67,000 from the Portland Development Commission and $8,250 from Energy Trust of Oregon.

The contributions are designed to help test IT Aire’s new system, in partnership with the city of Gresham, in a data room that will be compared to the city’s existing cooling system.

"This funding comes at an ideal time because we have potential customers like Intel, Xerox and others who are very interested in our technology but want to see third-party test results from a real installation," says IT Aire owner David Neketin.

Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis called the compay’s product a “game-changing idea.”

Oregon BEST, which stands for the Oregon Built Environment & Sustainable Technologies Center, is a state-funded effort to support the growing clean tech industry and bring academic resources to bear in its support.

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