Portland isn’t the only city in Oregon that’s embracing bicycling.

A new report by the League of American Bicyclists found that Oregon has the highest share of bike commuters of any state, with 2.5%. Next closest is Montana at 1.6%.

The data was culled from the U.S. Census’s 2012 American Community Survey. The data counts peoples’ preferred choice for commuting, and does not count occasional commuters or recreational riders.

Statewide in Oregon, bike commuting has grown 61.7 percent since the 2005 American Community Survey, when 1.5 percent commuted.

Washington, whose largest city is rapidly building up its bicycling routes, ranks 11th among the states in bike commuting, at 0.93%.

Minnesota, home of Portland’s rival for best bicycling city, Minneapolis, ranks 15th as a state, at 0.81%.

Portland has maintained the top slot in the nation among big cities for bike commuting, with 6.1% of all commuters preferring bicycles.

The 2012 survey found Portland has the third-highest number of bike commuters in the nation, with 18,912 regularly commuting by bike, topped only by NYC at 36,496, and Chicago at 19,147.

San Francisco, with 16,864, ranks fifth. Seattle, with 15,007, ranks 6th. Minneapolis, which has less than two-thirds’ Portland’s population, ranks 9th, at 9,688.

Eugene ranks 18th in the nation, even when compared to the nation’s largest cities, with 6,121 bike commuters. That’s more than dry-weather Sacramento, Oakland and Phoenix, which have much larger populations.

Among the 62 U.S. cities with 65,000 to 100,000 people, Beaverton ranked 18th-highest, with 2.04% bike commuters. Hillsboro ranked 34th, at 0.84%.

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