A new survey finds most Northwest residents think addressing climate change should be an urgent priority.

The survey was conducted for EarthFix by the independent and nonpartisan firm, DHM Research. A representative sampling of 1,200 residents of Washington, Idaho and Oregon participated and 62 percent of them said they consider it an urgent priority for state and local governments to address global warming.

A majority also registered support for specific proposals to reduce the emission of carbon that contributes to climate change.

“We asked questions on whether or not they would support making companies pay if they go over a certain amount of carbon emissions,” explained John Horvick of DHM Research, “and across the region 75 percent said that yeah, they would support such a policy.”

As a follow on to the announcement of a new federal rule from the Environmental Protection Agency that will limit carbon emissions from power plants, the survey respondents were asked if they support such a move.

“Seventy-three percent region-wide would support such a policy,” Horvick said.

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