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by: PHOTO COURTESY HUMAN ACCESS PROJECT - The nonprofit trying to create an accessible beach southeast of the Hawthorne Bridge found this old dock buried in the river bottom. Heavy equipment will be used Friday to remove it from the site, which the Human Access Project calls 'Audrey Beach.' The Human Access Project will remove an old derelict dock Friday that floated down the Willamette River and got embedded in the river bottom south of the Hawthorne Bridge.

The nonprofit advocacy group has been clearing that stretch of riverfront on the east side of the Willamette to create a more usable public space. Willie Levenson, founder and ringleader of the group, has informally dubbed the spot “Audrey Beach,” named after the wife of former Gov. Tom McCall. A waterfront park named after him sits on the opposite side of the river.

Fred Devine Marine has been commissioned to do the heavy lifting to get the dock out of the water.

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