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Photo Credit: PHOTO COURTESY OF TRACKERS EARTH - Trackers Earth is offering a free workshop on sustainable hunting and foraging, even inside cities. Want to learn how to “live off of the fat of the land,” in rural or urban areas?

Tom Prang, who has lived a subsistence lifestyle for nearly 30 years, will offer a free workshop entitled Subsistence Hunting and Foraging: How to get Started, on Saturday, Aug. 16, at 6:30 p.m.

The lecture, offered by Trackers Earth, takes place at the organization’s new Portland headquarters for their Outdoor Skills and Folk Craft School, at 4617 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.

Prang taught himself to hunt and trap as a teenager. While living in Alaska, he and his wife Julia Pinnix hunted for their own meat, bottled wine from wild fruit, preserved fruits, mushrooms and roots, and even made stone and bone tools.

Trackers Earth teaches youths and adults outdoor skills, and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Its new facility includes an indoor archery range.

For more information: trackersearth.com.

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