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COURTESY OREGON BEVERAGE RECYCLING COOPERATIVE  - The new BottleDrop center in Tigard features modern machines to accept deposit cans and bottles. Oregon’s newest BottleDrop Redemption Center opens Tuesday, Dec. 29, in Tigard.

BottleDrop centers enable people to redeem their returnable drink containers in modern facilities separate from grocery stores, using a variety of convenient methods.

The new center is located at 14411 S.W. Pacific Highway, and will be staffed seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Customers returning bottles and cans can bring up to 50 containers to staff members during those hours, or use a drop-off service available around the clock. Regular users can get a BottleDrop account and use pre-labeled bags, which can be dropped off any time. There also are self-serve machines that will accept up to 350 containers a day.

BottleDrops are funded by beverage distributors and the grocery industry. Participating retailers within two miles of the Tigard facility will no longer accept containers for redemption; those between two miles but within 3.5 miles from the center will only accept 24 containers per day.

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