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Enhabit offering deal on Nest model that cuts heating and cooling costs

Want to cut your energy bills and carbon footprint?

Local nonprofit Enhabit is offering a discount for Portland-area residents interested in getting a "smart thermostat" in their home, which have been proven to cut home energy bills.

Enhabit, formerly known as Clean Energy Works, has funds to install 500 Nest smart thermostats in homes in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties for $299 each. That covers the hardware and installation, which normally retail for about $450, plus a 100-point home performance check and Home Energy Score.

A Nest thermostat pays attention to your home heating and cooling patterns and automatically adjusts to be more efficient.

"Studies show they end up saving, on average, between 15 and 20 percent on heating and cooling costs," says Stephanie Swanson, Enhabit vice president for communications.

Ordinarily, the Nest thermostat and installation costs from $400 to $500 from a private contractor, Swanson says. The Energy Trust of Oregon provided funds to help subsidize the first 500 thermostats.

In addition, Enhabit will conduct the 100-point home performance checks, which generally take up to two hours, evaluating insulation, air seals, carbon monoxide monitors, indoor air quality, and seismic retrofits, among other items. Homeowners will get free LED light bulbs and faucet aerators, also courtesy of Energy Trust.

The home check also will result in a Home Energy Score, which will be required by the city of Portland starting in January for homes put on the market.

To sign up or get more information: https://enhabit.org/smart/

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