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David Mayo expected to start for Carolina Panthers Sunday in Chicago

October 20, 2017 South County Spotlight - Sports Jake McNeal
Third-year linebacker, former Scappoose star set to fill in for All-Pro Luke Kuechly

CLASS 4A PLAY-IN: Scappoose volleyball heading back to La Grande (Prep roundup)

October 19, 2017 South County Spotlight - Sports Jake McNeal
Indians swept Tigers from 2016 play-in after 2012 first round loss in La Grande

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Letters to the editor

October 20, 2017 South County Spotlight - Opinion Pamplin Media Group
Jeff Campbell of Scappoose struck a chord with is letter regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election --- big money influence has been running election interference for years. Also, keeping up with 'The Staff' regarding Port Westward rezone.

Silence in midst of dehumanizing acts is a betrayal

October 13, 2017 South County Spotlight - Opinion Danner Christensen
St. Helens' Danner Christensen writes about the dehumanization that occurs when politicians scapegoat undocumented residents as the cause of society's ills


Wendy Wilson: Still holding on

September 20, 2017 Gresham Outlook - Features Kerry Eggers
Famed musician and mom Wendy Wilson finds harmony while living in Camas, Washington.

Smart homes: Embracing the age of hi-tech living

May 19, 2017 South County Spotlight - Features Darryl Swan
Smart home technology is an increasingly popular --- and affordable --- option for everyday homeowners.
  • The realm of uncertainty

    South County Spotlight - Features
    Family of 10-year-old with Duchenne muscular dystrophy is at the mercy of time, drug companies

Sustainable Life

Portland chicken bones, other food scraps could be turned into energy

October 19, 2017 Steve Law
Metro narrows down list of processers to firms proposing to build in Portland and Wilsonville

Green Tip: Home composting

October 17, 2017 Center for Earth Leadership
Learn how to do your own recycling of food scraps and yard debris to feed your garden


Fall weather bring changes to Dahlgren's

Brought to you by Eric Dahlgren - Dahlgren's Do It Best - BUILDING SUPPLY INSIDER

What you do not use, you lose!

Brought to you by Dr. Leigh Ammon - Columbia River Dental - DENTAL SERVICES INSIDER -

What do you need to know about Equifax?

Brought to you by Pat Olson - Guild Mortgage Scappoose - MORTGAGE FINANCING INSIDER -

Start developing good oral hygiene habits early!

Brought to you by Dr. Leigh Ammon - Columbia River Dental - DENTAL SERVICES INSIDER -

10 Tips for a Smooth Loan Closing

Brought to you by Pat Olson - Guild Mortgage Scappoose - MORTGAGE FINANCING INSIDER -

Upcoming upgrades at Dahlgren's Do It Best

Another month of wonderful weather brings exciting new changes at Dahlgren's Do It Best.

HFH ReStore: A Community Resource

The HRH ReStore offers so much more to the community than just building materials.

Wyden: Public outcry helped turn back health care repeal

Oregon Democrat says next steps are drug prices, individual insurance coverage; also, leaders must cool rhetoric on North Korea.

Key variables for securing a home loan

Interested in getting a loan to purchase new home? Here are tips to make your dream a reality.

Summer projects in full swing

After 42 years, a new warehouse is in store for Dalhgren's Do It Best, which is always ready and willing to help its customers.

Eight things you may not know about Habitat for Humanity

Columbia County Habitat for Humanity is an all-inclusive grassroots organization and much more.

The 4 important benefits your business gains from a professionally designed website

What can your business gain from a professionally designed website? A lot, as it turns out.

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